063: Zvi Band of Contactually | How to Automate Your Relationship-Building

Zvi Band has a ton of great advice in this episode for how you can keep in better touch with people in your network already, and deepen your relationships with people who you meet.

062: Peter Shallard of Commit Action | How to Develop Good Habits

In this episode, we talk about how to conquer bad habits, to develop good habits and to defeat procrastination. Peter has some wise advice for any entrepreneur or entrepreneur at heart for how to tackle this crucial issue.

061: Michael Port Author of Book Yourself Solid | Public Speaking Tips

Michael Port is the master of public speaking, and he has plenty to say about how to become a better public speaker.

060: James Swanwick | How He Got his Dream Job as an ESPN Sports Center Anchor, with Zero Experience, By Being a Giver

Swanwick has been a coach, an author, an even a Columbian coal trader. One thing I really admire about him is he continues challenging himself and is always trying new things, not afraid to try and perhaps to fail.

059: Robert Richman | How to Build Killer Company Culture

Today, Robert is a culture architect and keynote speaker and author of The Culture Blueprint.

In this episode, we talk about what it was like to work for Zappos and what it takes to ensure your business has a good culture that contributes to your bottom line.

058: Derek Coburn Author of Networking Is Not Working | Why Networking is Broken — and What to Do About It

Today, Coburn is also the co-founder, with his wife Melanie, of Cadre DC, which is a business networking group in Washington DC that uses non-traditional networking strategies to bring together highly successful entrepreneurs and business owners who are focused on helping one another.

057: LaRae Quy | How to Read People Like an FBI Special Agent

Today, Quy is the author of Secrets of a Strong Mind (affiliate link), which is a book about understanding mental toughness and how to fortify your mental toughness in the world of business which is based off Quy’s years of working as an FBI Special agent.

056: Tom Morkes of Bootstrapped Mag | Jumping Out of Helicopters and Getting Paid to Travel the World

Today Tom is a business coach and business consultant, author, owner of a boutique publishing house and publisher of Bootstrapped Mag, a business and arts journal I’ve been privileged to write for.

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