Megan Flatt | How to Be a Mama CEO

Megan Flatt or, as I like to call her, The Mama CEO Whisperer, is a business coach and strategist who helps mama CEO’s grow their businesses and balance being a mother at the same time. She is also the host of The Mama Advantage Podcast and she says she’s never had a traditional 9-5 job in her entire life.

John Jantsch | How to Turn Your Marketing into a System

John Jantsch is an author, speaker, is known as the world’s most practical small business marketing expert, and is one of the most respected thought leaders in marketing strategy. He’s created several brands and products over the years including Duct Tape Marketing; one of the most well known marketing brands specializing in small businesses.

Sean Platt | How to Generate 6 Figure Revenue Each Month by Writing Kindle Books

Sean Platt is the Co-Founder of Sterling and Stone; a boutique publishing company that has published over 100 books since 2011. Sean has also owned a floral shop empire and a preschool, and he is currently also an author and podcaster for countless projects of his own.

Ted McGrath | How to Bring Your Message to Millions

Ted McGrath is a speaker, thespian, online marketer, and the force behind Message to Millions and, today, we’re going to be speaking about Ted’s incredible story and how to get your message out to the masses.

Vinnie Fisher | How to Be a Total CEO

Vinnie Fisher is a lawyer turned serial entrepreneur who has generated over $300 million in revenue from the multiple online businesses he’s had over the past ten years.

Michael Zipursky | How to Master the Elite Consulting Mind

Michael Zipursky has been building businesses for 18 years and he is one of the foremost experts on growing a thriving consulting business. He is also the author of The Elite Consulting Mind and itself the topics in that book that we’ll be diving into today.

Jon Schumacher | How to Sell High Ticket Offers

Jon Schumacher is a webinar and high-ticket sales funnel expert and I’m thrilled to have him on the show today to break down what makes a successful webinar and exactly they can be used to sell high-ticket offers.

John Corcoran

Steve Sims | The Art of Making Things Happen

Steve Sims is the CEO and Founder of Bluefish Luxury Concierge and the author of Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen.

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