Cesar Quintero | From Venezuela to Starting a Business, Hitting Rock Bottom, and Building Back Again
Smart Business Revolution

Cesar Quintero is a Certified EOS Implementer at The Profit Recipe, a coaching firm that helps entrepreneurs work on their business instead of in their business. He was born in the United States, grew up in Venezuela, and then came back to the US in his early 20s leaving behind a secure job at Procter and Gamble to start his own business. 

Cesar joined Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) in South Florida and completed the MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program. He currently helps businesses to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) based on the book ‘Traction’ by Gino Wickman.

In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John Corcoran interviews Cesar Quintero, a Certified EOS Implementer, about the benefits of implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) in businesses. Cesar also shares his why he decided to leave Venezuela and embark on an entrepreneurial journey in the US, how he discovered EOS, and the lessons he learned from hitting rock bottom and fighting off a lawsuit in 2012.

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Hear:

  • Cesar Quintero talks about his work in Venezuela and why he decided to move to the US
  • Why Cesar started a food business and why he felt a million and a half in revenue was the limit to his potential
  • How Cesar‘s parents influenced his life as an entrepreneur
  • The difference between working smart versus working hard
  • Cesar shares how he dealt with the lawsuit he faced in 2012 and how implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) helped his business
  • Why Cesar became a coach and EOS implementer and why he sold a portion of his business to his chef
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic affected Cesar and his clients’ businesses
  • Cesar talks about his new business, The Profit Recipe
  • The people Cesar respects and admires in his industry and those he acknowledges for his success
  • How to get in touch with Cesar Quintero

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:14
Welcome to the revolution, the Smart Business Revolution Podcast where we ask today’s most successful entrepreneur to share the tools and strategies they use to build relationships and connections to grow their revenue. Now, your host for the revolution, John Corcoran.

John Corcoran 0:40
All right. Welcome, everyone. John Corcoran here. I am the host of this show. And you guys know my story. I’m a recovering political hack, recovering lawyer, spent years working in politics, including as a speechwriter with stints in the White House for California Governor and 10 years ago I discovered this great medium of podcasting. I’ve been doing it ever since because I get to talk to smart individuals like my guests here today. Everyone from YPO to eo Activision Blizzard lending tree OpenTable, you name it, so many great people that I’ve been able to have a great conversation with. And before I introduce today’s guests, I want to give a big thank you to Fran Biderman-Gross, who introduced me to today’s guest. Fran is the co author of How to lead a values based professional services firm and founder of advantages you can check her out advantages.net and my guest is Cesar Quintero. Cesar immigrated from his native country. No sorry, he was born in the United States, but then grew up in Venezuela. And he came to the United States came back to the United States in his early 20s, leaving behind a secure job at Procter and Gamble, gamble. And just for kicks, he also decided I’m going to get married. I’m going to start a business at the same time, at a few years of ups and downs, which we’ll go through in this interview, grew the business to a couple million dollars in revenue, and then started looking further to get more support and how he could break through that ceiling. And he joined eo entrepreneurs organization in South Florida also completed the MIT entrepreneurial master’s program. And then later 2012 hit rock bottom with which we’ll talk about in this interview with a lawsuit that took the wind out of his sails, you might say. And now today, he helps businesses to implement the entrepreneurial operating system EOS based on the book traction by Gino wickman. Check out my past episode with Gino great stuff. And we will talk all about that this episode, of course is brought to you by Rise25 Media, if you are interested in having a podcast for your b2b business to get more clients referrals and strategic partnerships, you can learn all about it at Rise25media.com. Cesar such a pleasure to have you here, Fran sung your praises. So I’m super excited to talk to you about background. But what was Take me back in time to Venezuela, you know, it’s countries had a rocky time for the last 20 years. But you’re living there, you’d been born in the States, your family had gone to Venezuela, and then the economy drops out and you say we gotta get out of dodge. And what was that? Like?