Will Scott | How to Improve Culture, Improve Happiness and Productivity

The culture of an organization can make or break its success.

Yet most companies and organizations overlook the effects of culture on their success.

This week’s guest is out to change that. 

Will Scott is the resident Culture Czar at Culture Czars, a company he began with the goal of helping organizations transition from simply having core values to developing a valued culture. Will was CEO of Waer systems, is the host of the Culture Czars Podcast, and is the author of The Culture Fix

In this episode, Will joins John Corcoran to discuss his early career starting Waer systems, 

The first core values Will ever wrote, and how to develop a strong culture in an organization.

In this episode, we also talk about:

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  • How Will Founded Waer Systems
  • Core Values are More than Just Words on a Wall
  • Building a Strong Culture at Waer Systems
  • The First Core Values of the Company
  • Rewarding Employees Who live the Core Values
  • Screening Potential Hires for a Good Fit
  • Should Core Values be Displayed Publicly?
  • Does Company Management know if Culture is strong?
  • When Culture goes off track for a Company
  • Empowering employees by Giving them a Reason to Work
  • Who Will thanks for his success

Resources Mentioned:

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Episode Transcript

John Corcoran  0:40  

Alright, welcome, everyone. My guest on this show is Will Scott, he is a culture expert. He’s a podcast host, speaker, and author of The Culture Fix from core values to valued culture using nine deeds in 90 days. And we’re going to be diving into that and how you can improve the culture of any company you work in. 

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And as I mentioned, my guest is Will Scott. He’s the host of the Cultures Czars podcast, which I hear is just amazing. I hear it’s just absolutely amazing. So joking a little bit. It’s a great show, you gotta go check it out, be sure to subscribe, you’re also facilitator, facilitator, and trainer three, yo, yo, you’re an EOS implement, or you’re the author, of course of the culture fix. But take me back, you were CEO of where systems which you still continue to own a company that has software in the supply chain niche, and you’ve grown up that business it it’s on on every continent, you were saying beforehand, that you’re constantly, you’re adding new warehouses that are part of the system? Is that where you first started to think deeply about the idea of culture and its impact on the business’s bottom line?

Will Scott  3:10  

Well, yeah, it’s funny should say that, because Waer Systems is actually 20 years old this year. And in 1999, it took me about a year. So I think it was in 2000, that I wrote my first set of core values for my company, and kind of core values, I believe, is the sort of the first piece of material that you generate are the first concepts that you come up with, for for, you know, for, for having a great culture. Yeah, so that’s it began it Waer Systems 20 years ago,

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