Rob Kosberg | How to Launch a Bestseller

Rob Kosberg spent 20 years in the real estate game before “failing” his way into writing a bestseller that led to an incredibly successful business in financial services. Rob then fell into helping other entrepreneurs write and publish their books and discovered his true passion.

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Hear:

  • How Rob Failed His Way into Writing a Bestseller
  • Common Barriers to Writing a Book
  • Is the term Bestseller Becoming Watered Down?
  • How to Become a Bestseller Without a Following
  • What Platforms Should Aspiring Authors Focus On?
  • How to Utilize Facebook Ads as an Author
  • What is a Backend Strategy and Why Should Authors Have One?
  • Which Should Come First, the Backend or the Book?
  • The First Step to Writing a Book
  • Who Rob Thanks for His Success

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