052: Rick Mulready | How to Use Facebook Ad Targeting to Fuel Your Business


Recently, I decided to start experimenting with Facebook ads.

But before I did, I reached out to Rick Mulready, who has quickly built a reputation as one of a handful of “go-to” people who truly understands how? to use Facebook ads effectively to grow a business.

Because here’s the thing: Facebook’s ad platform is incredibly powerful, but also not for the feint of heart. It has a very steep learning curve. to understand how to use Facebook ad targeting.

  • you can upload your email list to Facebook and then you can advertise to only your email subscribers
  • you can create a larger “lookalike audience” that shares your email subscriber audience’s common interests.
  • if you are advertising a signup form in your Facebook ad (like for a webinar), you can embed a pixel on your confirmation page so you know exactly how much it costs you per signup.
  • you can do retargetting (show your ad only to people who previously checked out your website, or a particular page on your website).

Rick gave me some key suggestions that helped me to maximize the effectiveness of my ads. He’s also helped other highly successful entrepreneurs like John Lee Dumas and James Wedmore who have credited Facebook ads with a lot of their success.

If you want to know more about Facebook ad targeting, I think you will get a lot out of this conversation.


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