[Podcast Series] Dr. Jeremy Weisz | “I Don’t Have Time to Start a Podcast” & 10+ Reasons How Podcasting Will Save You Time
Smart Business Revolution

Dr. Jeremy Weisz is the Co-founder of Rise25, a company that helps B2B business owners connect with their ideal prospects, referral partners, and strategic partners through a done-for-you podcast service. Dr. Weisz has been involved in podcasting for 11 years and was a senior producer for one of the early business podcasts; he assisted in putting all of their systems in place and helped them add volume, feature, and edify various business leaders.

Dr. Weisz has also been running his own podcast, Inspired Insider, since 2011. He has featured top entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs of companies such as P90X, Atari, Einstein Bagels, Mattel, the Orlando Magic, and many more through video interviews. Dr. Weisz also founded a nutritional supplement business and continues to run his own chiropractic and massage facility, Chiropractical Solutions & Massage.

In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John Corcoran is joined by Dr. Jeremy Weisz, his Co-founder at Rise25, to discuss how a podcast can help businesses save time. Dr. Weisz also shares his strategies for repurposing content and explains how a podcast can be used to achieve a business’ big objectives and speed up the sales cycle. Stay tuned.

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Hear:

  • Dr. Jeremy Weisz’s advice on why busy people should start a podcast
  • How a podcast can help in saving time, making introductions, and delivering value to others
  • Dr. Weisz explains how a podcast can help your business achieve big objectives 
  • How to use a podcast to save time when attending a conference
  • How can a podcast speed up a sales cycle and save time with content creation?
  • Dr. Weisz’s advice on doing panel discussions and repurposing content
  • Where to learn more about Rise25

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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Cofounders Dr. Jeremy Weisz and John Corcoran credit podcasting as being the best thing they have ever done for their businesses. Podcasting connected them with the founders/CEOs of P90xAtariEinstein BagelsMattelRx BarsYPO, EO, Lending Tree, Freshdesk,  and many more.  

The relationships you form through podcasting run deep. Jeremy and John became business partners through podcasting. They have even gone on family vacations and attended weddings of guests who have been on the podcast.

Podcast production has a lot of moving parts and is a big commitment on our end; we only want to work with people who are committed to their business and to cultivating amazing relationships.

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Rise25 Cofounders, Dr. Jeremy Weisz and John Corcoran, have been podcasting and advising about podcasting since 2008.

Episode Transcript

Intro 0:01

Welcome to the revolution, the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, where we ask today’s most successful entrepreneurs to share the tools and strategies they use to build relationships and connections to grow their revenue. Now, your host for the revolution, John Corcoran.

John Corcoran 0:40

Hey, John Corcoran here, I’m the host of the show. And this is a live episode that’s going to be appearing on my podcast, which is Smart Business Revolution Podcast, and Dr. Jeremy Weisz, his podcast, which is Inspired Insider. And we’re going to be talking in this episode about why start a podcast in this busy world where we all have a million different things that we need to do. Isn’t that just one more thing to add to our plate? Well, actually, we have a bit of a contrary opinion, having done it for a combined what, 24-25 years between the two of us podcasting in this new medium, and we have some pretty strong opinions of why can actually save you time. And there are many different ways in which you can use that. So we’re going to dive into how exactly a podcast can save you time. 

Of course, this episode is brought to you by Rise25 Media, where we help b2b businesses get clients, referrals, and strategic partnerships with done for you podcasts and content marketing. If you’re listening to this and thinking like should I start a podcast, but first listen to why it will save you time, which we’ll explain in a moment. But secondly, send us an email at support@rise25media or go to our website rise25media.com, lots of resources for you to check out there. Alright, so Jeremy, let’s dive into this topic. First of all, if someone’s listening to this, and they’re thinking, You know what, I’m curious about starting a podcast, I listen to podcasts. I enjoy them. It seems like all my peers and colleagues and contemporaries are starting podcasts. You see it all the time. You know, celebrities are starting podcasts, but I got too many things on my plate. I’m waiting busy. How can I possibly add that one more thing on top of the ball? What’s your

Jeremy Weisz 2:13

response to that? I say just don’t start it. Again. It’s less. It’s less competition. No. Um, uh, yeah. If you’re not feeling it, don’t do it. But, um, you know, I know in our lives, John, we always look to deliver value first to people before asking for anything. And so I don’t know how people do it. Like, how do you deliver value first in a relationship. And we have found there is no better way to do that, than to have a podcast. And so if you want to one of the biggest things is you you want access to higher and higher caliber people and as you, whatever you categorize as higher caliber people. They’re busy. Okay, they have a lot of things pulling at them. Well, how do you deliver value to those people first, and there’s a number of ways, one of which is to profile them on your platform that people in companies you admire? So? I don’t know, John, how do people really get access to higher caliber people? You know, giving with a podcast is a big one in our world. 

John Corcoran 3:19

Yeah, sheer grit or connections, right. But you know, those two things. So how do you get connections?

Jeremy Weisz 3:24

Yeah, exactly. So that was a big one, you know, we always say, the amount of time it will take you to get access to higher and higher caliber people without this. It just takes longer, and it’s going to cost you more, it’s going to take more time.

John Corcoran 3:40 

Yeah, I was just reading our friend, Dorie Clark’s new book, The Long Game, and it was about how to create time in your schedule for long term strategic thinking. And she said, one of those ways is buying saying no to many different things, as many things as you can as possible. But it was curious that one of the few things that she would say yes to it was a podcast interview, in most instances, you know, and that’s the case, you know, she’s, you know, a busy keynote speaker, author, best selling author, you know, got a lot of demands on her time. And that’s what I found is that, you know, if you want a way to connect with someone like that high caliber person, person of influence, who has status, who has authority, especially in your field, the podcast is a great way to do it. So let’s talk about the ways in which a podcast can save you time, one of the points that you make, Jeremy is that you should already have people on your schedule already. So you’re spending time already with people you know, maybe they’re, you know, you could always go higher calorie you always get busier, you know, more successful, more prominent individuals, but you should already have people on your calendar that you want to connect with you want to deepen a relationship with and the podcast is about leveraging those time slots further for creating content that is published on the podcast.

Jeremy Weisz 4:57

Yeah, people will say alright, So how much time do I need to carve out now that I have a podcast? You know, I think carve out like one hour, five hours. And just like what you said, Well, you should already be having your best referral partners, your relationships, your clients, your potential clients already on your schedule. So it’s not like you have to carve out any more time. And if you don’t, well, you should. Anyway, so you should be having time for those relationships. Yeah, that is a big one.

John Corcoran 5:28

Another great point. Do you remember talking to a friend of ours, Justin, a couple years ago, who was he was going off to a conference. And it was a day of travel on the front end a day travel on the back end, and two or three days in the middle out of the office for about five days. And was saying that, you know, I don’t have time to start a podcast because I got all these things going on. And why was he going to a conference, of course he was going to meet meet people to get referrals to get clients to build relationships. And you know, so it’s really about a better way of doing that. And a better way to get referrals. Because you can connect with people, you can deliver value with people using the podcast, often in lieu of other time consuming types of activities, like traveling off to a networking event or conference or something along those lines.

Jeremy Weisz 6:20

Yeah, you connect to people before and it’s a great mechanism to deliver value after. So when you’re connecting with people, you say, hey, you know, what are you going to say, Hey, John, we should chat some time. All right? Never, that never happens. But listen, why don’t we connect in a few weeks after the conference when things we get? We catch up a little bit? And I’ll have you on my podcast. And the reason people will say want to say yes is because you’re making a goal out farther, when you have a podcast that goes across, whatever 15 Plus channels, it goes on Spotify, iTunes, Google, play Stitcher, and they know that so that one conversation that you have of them explaining what they do, you can actually publish it out. And they can use it as marketing material you can use it to and we often use it to make introductions to people go hey, you know, before I introduce you to to John, here’s a podcast I do with them. And here’s more information. And, you know, it just goes a lot farther.

John Corcoran 7:16

Yeah, you know, another one I say to people is that it’s hard as a professional as a as a business person to say, you know, hey, you know, client, you know, a little slow next month, or company’s a little slow. Do you mind introducing me to some of your best clients? So I could talk to them a little bit about what I do. I mean, of course, you, you’re not going to do that it’s not going to fly at all. But it’s much easier to say, hey, you know, I’m doing a series of my podcasts, I would like to feature this type of individual. Do you know anyone who fits those type parameters, because we’d love to feature them? You know, it’s a it’s a much more of a give, but at the same time, you’re getting high caliber referrals to people now, we’re not saying that you should immediately turn around pitch that person. So that person Absolutely not, you start just start by delivering value, but it does get you that access, that is much more difficult to get at the time that you want

Jeremy Weisz 8:07

Yeah, I mean, you just continue to think of ways to give in the process. You know, John, like what you said is, you it’s a the the your approaches and a giving fashion, you want to be on the podcast, and after the podcast? Well, who can I introduce you to it’s not selling them anything, it’s not pitching them anything. It’s just learning more about them, so you could deliver even more value to them? Yeah. And they will be aware of what you do as a business. So if they know someone, or they may be looking for that, well, then that will naturally come up, you don’t really need to put it in their face all the time. Yeah.

John Corcoran 8:42

Now another one. Another point that you often make is that the podcast should help you with your current big objectives that you’ve already set for your business that you’re already focused on. Whether it’s hiring people, whether it’s recruiting, whether it’s getting better at implementing SOPs within your business. So talk a little bit about that point. Yeah, that’s

Jeremy Weisz 9:01

a great one. Because people will say, even people who do podcasts, they get busy, right. And there was one client that we had about a month ago. And I was like, you’re not producing as many episodes as normal. They’re like, Oh, my God, Jeremy, like, we are getting so much business. We’re just focused on hiring right now. And I said, I pause for a second go great. Why aren’t Where are you getting your, you know, the referrals for people to hire? Well, they mentioned that they get them from certain universities. And I mentioned well, great, so your biggest initiative is hiring recruiting. So why don’t you have some of the biggest pockets of your hiring, you know, the referrals are coming from the hiring recruiting on your podcast and they said so now their focus will their biggest objective is not like oh, we already find with clients and referral partners. Now they go well, when I shifted their mindset around, you could be using this for to hire the biggest initiative, which is hiring, recruiting, they immediately got excited. And they figured, great. Now this serves the purpose of what our biggest need is right now. Yeah, they started having on people who are referring them, potential candidates.

John Corcoran 10:15

Let’s go back. We were talking a moment ago, excuse me about attending conferences. And the ways in which doing a podcast can save you time when attending a conference. But even if you do attend a conference, whether you attend a conference or not, you know, you like to make the point about creating a series leading up to a conference perhaps, or using the podcast to reach out to the speakers and exhibitors, you’ve had experiences. And I have as well, where you walk into a conference. And immediately you know, some of the biggest players there the organizer of the conference, the members of the board, the keynote speakers, because you’ve already established a relationship with them using the podcast to talk a little bit about that point as well.