Corey Blake | Professional Actor Turned Business Storyteller

Running a business is never easy.

That’s why it can be tempting – especially in times of struggle – to make up stories. Or to use white lies, if you will. 

Kind of like …acting, you might say.

That may be why this week’s podcast guest, Corey Blake, a long time working actor, found the transition from acting to business a natural one.   

Corey is not only an actor, but an accomplished storyteller, TEDx speaker, and Founder and CEO of Round Table Companies. He is also a publisher at Conscious Capitalism Press. 

This week Corey joins John to discuss his life as an actor, the events of his life which led him to his current success, and the value and power in being vulnerable. 

In this episode, we also talk about:

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  • How Corey’s Training in Acting Translates Into the Business World
  • The Methods Corey’s Company Uses to Change the Story of His Clients
  • Corey’s Time as an Actor, and His Famous Super Bowl Commercial
  • How Home Life Influenced Corey’s Life Choices
  • Suspending Judgement and Recognizing the Humanity in Others
  • Why Corey Left Los Angeles
  • The Struggles of Starting a New Company
  • Networking in Hollywood and Why Being Authentic Helps Good Relationships Happen Organically
  • Why Corey Chose Vulnerability as the Subject for His TED Talk
  • How Corey Came to be an Author
  • What is “Conscious Capitalism”?
  • Some People Don’t Like to Showcase Themselves
  • Impacting the World Will Inevitably Rile People Up
  • Why Books are Still Relevant Today
  • Who Corey Thanks for His Success

Resources Mentioned:

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Episode Transcript

John Corcoran  0:40  

Alright, welcome everybody. My guest on this show is Corey Blake, who is a working actor, longtime working actor, turned speaker, artist storyteller. He’s also the publisher of conscious capitalism press and we’re going to talk about that that is the publishing arm of conscious capitalism, which is a company founded by Whole Foods founder, john Mackey.

Previously started in commercial which was recognized as one of the 50 greatest Super Bowl commercials of all time. Amazing 115 independent publishing awards been featured on the cover of Wall Street Journal, New York Times USA Today, you name it a bunch of different places. But first before we dive into that, this podcast is brought to you by rights 25 media which is our done for you, boutique lead generation and podcasting agency helping b2b businesses to get a steady flow of new leads prospects, referral partners and strategic partners coming in the door every month. Right so unified media was created by myself and my business partner, Dr. Jeremy Weiss. And it’s part of our mission to make the world a smaller place by creating connections, helping to connect many more entrepreneurs and business owners with their ideal prospects and referral partners. They love to work with you learn more about it. Go on to the web at rise, wave calm or book a call with us at rise 25 dot com slash call and not now on to our show. As I mentioned, our guest is Corey Blake now Corey, he spent years as a working actor. You know, I started my career working the entertainment

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