15 Super Easy Ways to Get Leads Online for Your Business

Want to generate leads online for your business?

Who doesn’t, right?

There’s something pretty attractive about waking up in the morning, grabbing your morning cup of coffee, then looking at your phone and seeing you have a few dozen new leads just waiting to hear from you.

Well, I’m here to say that generating leads online is easier than you may think. It takes work, but it’s not impossible.

And if you can turn those leads into clients, if you play your cards right.

But here’s the rub. We’re all busy. We have families, chores to do, hobbies, you name it.

So how do you generate leads online … while also actually running your business?

(Oh yeah, don’t forget about that.)

I’ve used dozens of different  are always asking me about how they can build relationships with a lot of people – when they don’t have enough time.

Trust me, I get it. I a wife, multiple businesses, a houseful of kids, yada yada.

So I decided to put together a big list of super easy ways you can build leads online in a smart way that will turn those leads into customers, AND without it taking tons and tons of your time.

Here you go…

1. Start an Email List

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How to Strengthen Your Mental Toughness Like An FBI Agent

LaRae Quy was a brand new FBI Special Agent, and it was the height of the Cold War, but she was given a huge job.

Her assignment was to go undercover and locate a known Soviet spy operating somewhere in Silicon Valley, and to convince him to start spying for the U.S.

Sound impossible? It sure did. The odds were long. Much was at stake. And failure was lurking around every corner.

Kind of like the world of business.

It turns out FBI Special Agent work has more to do with business than you might think. In business, your mental strength will determine whether you rise to a challenge or crumble. In Quy’s situation, we see what can happen when mental strength is broken down.

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How to find friends who won’t let you fail [video]

15331925331_e333e17a34_zNote: read to the end for a special bonus I am offering through Oct 31st.

It was my birthday this week, and I woke up on my birthday to a nice present: someone I had never met had sent me $500.

Now, that might seem kind of strange.

But it wasn’t some accident. And it wasn’t luck. The $500 was in payment for a digital course I had created.

I don’t tell this story to brag — that’s not the point. I mention it because about two years ago, I looked at my business and I decided I wanted to make some changes. Here’s the never-before-told story of how that happened.

What I Was Doing All Wrong in My Business

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Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies CloserNOTE from John: This is a guest post by Jordan Harbinger. Jordan is an expert in social dynamics and host of the top rated Jordan Harbinger podcast. After reading his guest post below, be sure you check out his awesome podcast in iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Also check out my interview with Jordan on his old Art of Charm podcast on how to systemize your networking).

“The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend.” – Abraham Lincoln

This has always been one of my favorite quotes from a truly great man. And why? Because it gets at the heart of so much of what we teach at The Jordan Harbinger Show. High-value men don’t seek to destroy their enemies; rather, they seek to use charm to make their enemies into allies — and maybe even make their erstwhile enemies into better people while they’re at it.

Still, this is one of those skills that requires lots of work (not to mention patience) on your part in order to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Our perceived enemies are our enemies for a reason. Getting past those reasons might be extremely difficult or even impossible.

With that said, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to make allies out of enemies over at The Jordan Harbinger Show. Here are more than a thing or two that you can start putting into practice on the job, in school or even at bars and clubs.

Step One: Don’t Escalate

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