086: Thom Singer | How to Launch a New Career


Thom Singer was faced with an impossible task – he had to teach lawyers to be better at networking.

Talk about a thankless assignment.

(Trust me. I’m a lawyer. I know.)

At the time, he was marketing director for a large law firm. But he didn’t get discouraged, he remained positive and upbeat.

Now to make it worse … the lawyers he was teaching were required to sit through his presentation. It was mandatory.

And … it gets better: they were not given any continuing education credits for sitting through the presentation.

So he was lucky there wasn’t a mutiny.

Thoms SingerNow I’ll let Thom tell the full story but it does have a happy ending and I think that story is appropriate because it demonstrates a lot about my friend Thom Singer.

Today, Thom is a guy who doesn’t let minor inconveniences get in his way.

He’s incredibly upbeat and positive and loves life and that’s what I love about him. It’s no wonder he managed to make the major transition in his career from law firm marketing executive to where he is today – an in-demand professional speaker and an author of 11 books.

I connected with him a few months ago and found he was incredibly genuine and kind and giving – exactly the kind of person who I like to see succeed and I like to profile on this podcast.

So in this interview, we discuss:

  • How to move to a new career when you have a vision for yourself
  • How he studied the business of speaking and how you need to do the same if you want to be paid to speak
  • The importance of building relationships with other people who are actually working in the industry you want to enter
  • How to acknowledge and recognize accomplishments of people you know
  • How to create connections over dinner parties
  • The importance of being the “conduit” who brings people together

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