New Training on “Ick-Free” Networking, February 10th at 3pm EST

Networking with Purpose Live

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Let’s face it. If you’re reading my blog, you probably already know how important relationships are.

You don’t need me to tell you.

Basically, you don’t need me at all.

(Shoot, I’m just a little piece of arm candy, aren’t I? I feel so used.)

But more to the point… your career depends on your relationships and your network.

Your impact, your income and your influence depend on these relationships.

People invest tens of thousands – heck, hundreds of thousands – on their college degrees.

What does it get them? Not much. It gets you to “even par” with everyone else.

Don’t you think it would pay off to invest some time and money into the relationships which can have an equally big (or larger) impact on your career?

With the pace of change accelerating, this point is more important than ever.

After all, the whole point of developing relationships with others is because of the knowledge, expertise and connections which those relationships open up for you.

So…. let me ask you specifically:

  • Do you get tired of going to boring networking events like cocktail hours where you feel like you don’t connect with anyone?
  • Are you frustrated that your career isn’t further along at this point, and want to give it a kick in the butt?
  • Do you ever feel like everyone you know has a better job than you?

If any of these things resonate with you, then let’s talk.

On Tuesday, February 10th, at 3:00pm EST, I’ll be participating in a live online training event – Network with Purpose Live. I’ll be joined by two great relationship experts, Matt McWilliams and Mark Sieverkropp.

You can read all about it here.

This event is for you if:

  • You want to increase your income by connecting with people who matter – whether it’s someone influential in your local community, or someone who is world famous.
  • You dream of building your own business but don’t have the right contacts
  • You are stuck in a job you hate and don’t see a way out
  • You have world-changing ideas but no clue how to reach out to the influencers who can help

What we will be covering:

  • The mindset shift all great networkers make.
  • How you CAN make time for networking…and even do it well in less than 10 minutes a day.
  • How to start building your network (and your income) even if you don’t know anyone or feel like you have “nothing to offer”.
  • How to network face-to-face without being one of those annoying business card pushers.
  • How to use new technologies and social media to be a relationship-building rock star.
  • How to find work you love, get the right contacts for your dream job or business, and build intimate relationships with scale.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 12.39.19 AM

Let me tell you about my two co-hosts:

  • Matt McWilliams is a blogger, podcaster and business coach who has a crazy story … he was fired four times (twice by the same company and once by his own father), faced 42 years in prison, started two companies that “rose and fell like the Roman Empire.”  He’s crazy… like a fox.
  • Mark Sieverkropp was working in a job he hated two years ago… then he discovered the power of his network and landed in a job that he loved. His story illustrates how rapidly your own story can change when you do the right things at the right times.

They know their stuff – and that’s why I included both of them on my Forbes list of the Top 50 Professional Networking Experts to Watch in 2015.

We’re going to be doing a deep-dive training into the kinds of things you need to be doing TODAY (in 2015) to develop relationships, and turn those relationships into revenue.

Is it free? No. It it expensive? Heck no.

You know what is more expensive? Not doing anything. Waiting another 6 months or a year, frustrated, hoping you’ll magically meet the people who will create new jobs or new opportunities for you.

(Good luck with that.)

Use the code “REVOLUTION” at checkout and you’ll save 25%. That code is good until the end of the day Tuesday February 3rd, 2015. So act quickly.

I will see you Tuesday, February 10th at 3pm EST.



Q: What if I hate networking?

A: Good. We do too. Blech, who needs it. But we love connecting with people, and building relationships. Let’s just not call it “networking,” cool?

Q: What will I learn?

A: There is a detailed syllabus over at the Networking with Purpose Live page.

Q: What if I can’t attend live? Should I still sign-up?

A: Yes! After the live event, you can access the replay for 30 days. If you cannot attend live, we recommend getting the VIP package. Not only will you have access to the replay, but you will be able to choose from ten times to attend the live small group coaching call, which will be held at another time.

Q: Why is the number of VIP tickets capped?

A: The VIP package comes with a bonus small group coaching call that we are capping at 20 people per call. This allows everyone on the call to ask as many questions as they’d like and get more personalized attention. In order to fit all of these calls into a short window and protect the intimacy of the calls, we’re limiting the number of VIP tickets.

Q: Is John going to be giving out oatmeal raisin cookies?

A: Yes. You’ll be able to download your free oatmeal raisin cookies directly through the CD-Rom port in your computer.

How to Congratulate People in 7 Seconds Using Contactually


Such a simple word to say, and yet incredibly powerful.

When someone takes the time to say “congratulations” to you for something you did, it feels good, right?

That’s why a simple “congratulations” can be one of the greatest tools in your arsenal when you go out and want to start growing your network.

It’s simple – let’s say you read on LinkedIn that someone you know has just gotten a new job, a promotion, started a new company, or just published a book.

That’s an ideal time to send that person a short email congratulating them.

But how do you congratulate them? By sending a handwritten note?

I would ask you this: are you actually going to actually do it? I think probably not.

We all say we want to send handwritten notes, but few of us actually do it.

It’s much easier and faster to send an email; and one email actually sent will beat a handwritten note you aspire to send – but never actually do send – anyday.

So here’s a quick video on how to congratulate people in under 7 seconds using Contactually, the CRM program I use. (You can probably use a similar strategy with a different CRM program of your choice.)

If you’d like to try out Contactually, check out their 30-day free trial. If you sign up using my link, you will automatically get 10 of my free email templates added in to your account.

Client Spotlight: How Diamante Partners Helps Others Through Crisis and Emergency Management

This is the latest in a series on spotlights on interesting companies I’ve worked with in my small business legal practice. Diamante Public Sector Group is a Sacramento-based crisis and emergency management consulting group that has worked on a number of high-profile major disasters, from Hurricane Katrina to the 2010 PG&E Pipeline blast in San Bruno, California.

Earlier in my career, I worked with Diamante’s three founders, Reggie Salvador, Mark Ghilarducci and Tad Bell, in the California Governor’s office.

After the administration ended in 2003, the three joined Witt Associates, a public public safety and crisis management consulting firm founded by former FEMA Director James Lee Witt. They later launched Diamante Partners.

From Hurricane Katrina to Pipeline Explosions

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How to Be Happier by NOT Working For Yourself, at Home, in your Pajamas

A lot of people will say you’ll be much happier quitting your job and going to work for yourself.quitting your job

This is the great American Dream, right? To quit your job and go and work for yourself. No boss to boss you around.

I think that’s all absolutely dead wrong.

Many people are more miserable working for themselves than they ever were working for someone else.

They may not like their job, and the pay may suck, but working from home may also be lonely, have low-pay and be completely unfulfilling.

It may be more dead-end than that dead-end job you just quit.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m actually not saying you should stay working in a job you hate.

What I am saying is if you want to quit your job to start a business or to go work for yourself, you should have a plan to grow into a real, fully-formed, larger business as fast as you can.

Your goal shouldn’t be to work by yourself, in your pajamas, in your bedroom for the rest of your life.

The Plan for Happiness

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Why I Use and Recommend Dropbox: How Dropbox Can Make You More Efficient So You Can Work Less

cloud computing, web software, cloud software, dog computerTell me if this sounds familiar: you have multiple computers in your life, and every computer has different files on it.

You may also have a iPhone or an Android phone, and/or an iPad or other tablet computer, each of which has its own files, photos, or documents.

No matter what computer you are on, it seems like the file you need is on your other computer, right?

For years, this was a major frustration for me. I would be on one computer and I would need a file that was always on my other computer.

Either I would be at home and need a file off my work computer, or I’d be at work and need a file off my home computer.

Usually that meant I would be constantly emailing a document back and forth between my home and work computers, leading to there being multiple versions of a document and I was never quite sure which one was the “newest” version.

It was just a little frustrating. Actually, it was really frustrating. I constantly thought there should be a better way – a way of always keeping documents shared among my work computer, two home laptops, iPad, and smart phone.

Kind of like having a home network but without all the hassle and expense of setting it up.

It turns out someone created a solution. It’s called Dropbox.

If you aren’t using Dropbox or haven’t heard of it, I really encourage you to check it out.

(Note: I’m signed up as an affiliate for Dropbox, meaning if you click on my Dropbox link and sign up for a free trial, I will get a little more space on my Dropbox account. However, I would recommend Dropbox highly even if they didn’t dangle that carrot out for affiliates.)

With Dropbox, you install a little piece of software on each of your computers that allows you to create a separate folder on each of your computers where you can synchronize your files.

Any changes you make to your documents in this folder changes the document on all of the computers.

How Dropbox Can Make You More Efficient

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How to Keep Learning for Life

I recently spent three days learning about land use planning issues in San Jose, California.Little Girl in Classroom

I just realized that for most people that probably sounds like a little slice of hell.

I get it. You may be right.

But I actually enjoyed it. I know, crazy, huh? Call me a glutton for punishment.

But I’m not bringing this up to explain how dorky I am. I bring this up for a more important reason.

I think it’s important to recognize that we can all improve what we know.

Learning is a lifelong process. It doesn’t end at graduation from high school, college, or grad school.

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