021: Ken Canion | How To Create a Professional Speaking Business and Get on Reality TV

smart business revolution podcast, entrepreneurship, small business, entrepreneurKen Canion had it all before he lost it all.

As one of the co-founders of 1980s-era business Black Art Gear, a business that featured African American art on watches, clocks, and other products, he achieved stunning early success.

His company was profiled in national media publications and he appeared on TV frequently.

After the company took off, the partners started having friction. Disputes between the partners ultimately led to the company’s failure.

Ken was left with nothing and had to reinvent his career, which ultimately led to him becoming a professional speaker and appearing on the reality TV show The Biggest Loser.

Ken Canion, Biggest Loser, Destination Transformation, Black Art, In this very candid interview, Ken discusses:

  • how he became an entrepreneur – starting with a simple balloon-making business in the mall
  • how he built the successful business selling products featuring African American art
  • how to avoid problems with business partners that may take your business down
  • how he reinvented his career as a professional speaker
  • why he decided to share his struggles to control his weight in such a candid way on The Biggest Loser



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