017: Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income | How to “Let Go” and Find Your Purpose

smart business revolution podcast, entrepreneurship, small business, entrepreneurThe best thing that ever happened to Pat Flynn was getting laid off.

Flynn was working his way up the ladder in an architecture firm when the recession hit in the fall of 2008. He had been promoted to a job captain position in the firm, which did little to soften the blow. Soon, he was out on his own.

Flynn had recently taken the LEED architecture exam in an effort to improve his architectural skills and he had shared his notes and preparation for the test on a blog. After he was laid off, he was encouraged by friends to put his notes into an ebook download which he would sell through the same blog.

The book took off, and a new career was born.? Today, Flynn is author of a very popular blog, Smart Passive Income, where he shares his experiences in earning an income online.

He recently decided to put out his first book using a brand new, as-yet-untested platform called “Snippet” which combines text, images, video, and social media. I asked Pat to come on the podcast so we could talk about why he choose an untested platform for his first book, the advantages of the new platform, and what he learned in the process of putting together a? book project incorporating so many different types of media.

I have been reading Pat’s work for a long time and even wrote a guest blog post for Smart Passive Income back in 2011. I really enjoyed talking to him and following what he does, in part because he’s smart, down to earth, always honest and a dedicated family guy – everything I aspire to be as well.

Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income, SmartPassiveIncome.com, Green Exam Academy,In this interview, popular blogger – and now author – Pat Flynn and I discuss:

  • why Pat choose an untested, previously unreleased platform for his first book
  • why Pat abandoned writing his first book project in favor of “Let Go”
  • how writing a book on a new platform is different from other formats
  • how small business owners and entrepreneurs can use the Snippet app platform to release a book that would combine teaching, instructional videos, and social media – combined with brand identification.
  • how authors and bloggers can deepen relationships with their readers




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