Stu Heinecke | How to Get a Meeting with Anyone

Stu Heinecke is a popular Wall Street Journal Cartoonist, an author, and a Hall of Fame-nominated marketer. Stu is a pioneer of Contact Marketing, utilizing the unique marketing technique to great success since early in his career.

In this episode, we talk about Contact Marketing, how to use humor in marketing, and why your business cards should be unique to stand out, plus so much more.

In this episode, we also talk about:

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  • How Stu Bucked the Trend of the Day and Used Humor in Business Promotion when No One Else Was
  • Who Stu Got His Inspiration From in the Use of Humor in Advertising
  • The Different Types of Cartooning, and the Differences Between Them
  • Why Cartoons Stand Out in Direct Mail Advertising
  • Why Stu is Drawn to Single Panel Cartoons Over Multi Panel Cartoons
  • The Story of Stu’s Initial Rise to Success and How He Learned to Get a Meeting With Anyone
  • Why Humor Should Not Be Self-Focused
  • What is a Contact Campaign?
  • How Stu Used a Live Pidgeon to Get a Meeting with a CEO for a Client
  • What are Some Contact Campaign Tactics?
  • Why You Should Use Unique Business Cards to Stand Out
  • What is an Anti Pitch and Why You Should Use it
  • Assistants to CEOs: Why They Are Who You Should Be Considering When Trying to Get a Meeting, and How To Approach Them
  • The Role of Social Media When Trying to Get a Connection
  • Who Does Stu Thank for His Success?

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