How to Network

Want to know the secret to thriving in your career and in business?

I’ll give you one word: relationships.

If you can nurture and maintain relationships with the right people for your career or business goals, you will thrive.

Unfortunately, most people haven’t a clue how to network. They have a haphazard approach to networking. Their rolodex looks like someone turned a fishbowl full of names upside down and sprinkled names at random inside.

I’m here to show you if you turn networking from a chore into a mutually-beneficial habit, you will have a much better time turning relationships into revenue.


Here are a number of resources on how to network effectively:

Business Networking Tips – An A to Z Guide

The Bill Clinton Guide to Networking – in this post, I share what I learned working in the Clinton White House from one of the most talented networkers of all time (no matter what side of the aisle you are on), Bill Clinton.



  • The most powerful and effective networking techniques Bill Clinton used in the Oval Office
  • Clinton’s strategy for using handwritten notes
  • how to make other people feel invested in your success by soliciting their input

How to Network Effectively Using Follow-Up’s – sending follow-ups to people you meet is one of the best things you can do to broaden your network. I show you how to manage follow-ups over time in a way that is easy and pain-free.

Key Points:

  • the two free features you can use to turbo-charge networking
  • a “shortcut” that will quickly accelerate the effectiveness of your LinkedIn networking
  • how to automate your follow-ups

How to Network for Business ? some of the most skilled networkers are politicians, whose careers live and die on the strength of their network. That’s why you can learn a lot about how to network for business by studying politicians.

Key points:

  • put together a networking list of 50+ people who you want to get to know.
  • ditch the “me first” attitude and make friends first.
  • when networking, be yourself. Don’t be a watered-down, sanitized version of yourself.
  • deepen relationships with people who you are networking with by asking about their families

5 Killer Shortcuts for Networking at Events ? Even though social media is hotter than ever, there’s no substitute for face-to-face networking. The most effective professional networking approach today is one part online, one part old-fashioned, face-to-face networking.

Key points:

  • commit yourself to helping others at face-to-face networking events.
  • connect with people over their families, by asking questions about a person’s spouse or kids (if you see an opening for doing so).
  • if you are shy or introverted, then focus on asking questions of others. People generally love talking about themselves.

Want to Improve Your Relationships? Drop Out of More Groups — The problem with building a large network these days is that we?re all stretched too thin.There are too many opportunities for networking. Not too few. It?s hard to know where to spend your time.? So my solution is kind of radical: drop out of more groups. Focus your efforts on a few, most valuable groups.

Key points:

  • First, pick the 3-5 groups which are really targeted and highly focused for your career or business goals.
  • find out how you can deepen your involvement with these groups.
  • monitor your results to ensure the groups you are focusing on are reaping rewards.

Want More Clients, Customers & Revenue?

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