005: Corbett Barr of Think Traffic | How to Get Traffic for Your Website or Blog

If you are in business today, you probably have a website or a blog.

If you don’t have either, then you can check out now. Hand over the keys to your business and turn off the lights on your way out.

But if you do have a website or a blog, then you probably are familiar with the term web traffic.

Traffic is the lifeblood of the web. It is, simply put, visitors to a website or a blog, and without them, a website or a blog is pretty much worthless.? It’s as good as a glossy brochure promoting your business – sitting in the middle of an empty field.

Corbett Barr knows a thing or two about building and growing traffic. The creator of the popular blog Think Traffic and numerous courses related to building web traffic, Corbett has developed a well-deserved reputation as someone who knows what attracts and keeps visitors to a website.

In the process, he has built Think Traffic into a thriving and growing business.

What I really like about Corbett though is his philosophy is very well grounded. He doesn’t try to sell snake oil or get-traffic-quick solutions.

He actually is a big proponent of focusing on business fundamentals and treating each reader as you would want to be treated.

In the course of my interview for Podcast #5, Corbett and I discussed the following:

  • the importance of treating readers like human beings
  • why he coined the term “Write Epic Shit”and why you need Epic Shit on your website or blog.
  • why he believes good online content is not enough – and why he says you must create content that will improve people’s lives.
  • how people who are just getting started online can develop their writing skills, video skills and interviewing skills.
  • why he says most businesses don’t put enough effort into the content on their websites or blogs
  • the importance of sharing actual experiences and original research when blogging.
  • how writing for the web is different from other types of writing, such as writing for newspapers or books.
  • the importance of making a personal connection with individual readers.
  • why popular bloggers (and bestselling authors) such as Seth Godin,?Gary Vaynerchuk and?Chris Guillebeau may spend a majority of their days replying to readers’ emails.
  • when networking, why you should put friendship first, before business.
  • the importance of surrounding yourself with others who will tell you what you’re doing is perfectly normal for times when you struggle.
  • the importance of having an email list and how to get people to sign up for your email list.


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