Mitch Axelrod | From Road Warrior to Thriving Stay-at-Home Dad, Profiting from Your IP, How to Become a Rainmaker
Mitch Axelrod

Mitch Axelrod wanted to be home with his son but still wanted to remain a traveling speaker. 

So he realigned his goals and changed the industry he was working in.

Mitch Axelrod is a #1 best selling author, speaker, trainer, and mentor. He’s delivered 3500 different seminars, workshops, webinars, teleconferences, and keynotes. Mitch has helped thousands of professionals to generate over $3 billion in revenue. 

In this episode, John Corcoran is joined by Mitch Axelrod to talk about how Mitch went from being a road warrior to a stay-at-home Dad, the advice from a client that changed his life, and why Mitch doesn’t like labels.

In this episode, we also talk about:

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Hear:

  • How Mitch Manages to be a Stay-At-Home Dad Despite His Busy Life
  • The Accidental Discovery Mitch Had From Recording 3000 Cassettes
  • Listening to His Clients Changed His Life
  • What a “Rainmaker” is, and why Mitch Chose the Topic
  • Why Mitch Doesn’t Like Labels
  • How to Charge What You’re Worth, Even When it is More Than Your Competition
  • We Undervalue Things We are Good at
  • Mitch’s Experience Growing Up and What Made Him Who He is Today
  • Who Mitch Thanks for His Success

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Episode Transcript

John Corcoran  0:40  

Alright, welcome everybody. My guest on the show is Mitch Axelrod. Mitch is a 40-year entrepreneur. He’s a number one best selling author, speaker, trainer, mentor. He’s delivered, get this 3500 different seminars, workshops, webinars, teleconferences, keynotes. You name it. He’s spoken on all kinds of stages. He’s spoken to companies. All kinds of Fortune 100, fortune 500, IBM at amp t MetLife, Citibank, Pfizer, all kinds of big companies that he has served. And he has actually helped thousands of professionals to generate over 3 billion with a be in revenue, which is absolutely insane. But this is what really is moving to me as a dad myself is if you ask him what his greatest accomplishment is, he says is being a stay at home dad for 10 years. So we’re going to ask them all about that in a moment or two. 

But first, if you’re new to this program, take a moment Think about it. What is the most important thing? What is the most important thing in your career in your business? I’m going to guess it has to do with the relationships or relationships make all the difference. That’s the premise behind this podcast. That’s premise behind my entire career, everything I’ve always done. And so this podcast is about talking to top business leaders, CEOs, founders and experts, ask them to break down not just what they did in their career in their business building it up, but also the relationships that led to all the successes in their career. 

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And now I’m going to spend some time building relationships with Mitch, such an interesting guy Mitch, you are the author of the new game of selling and a bunch of other books. And you’re also an expert in rainmaking, which we’ll talk about also ask about as well. But as a father, I have to start where it touches me the most. You found you were on the road 80 to 100 night or different speeches a year. So you’re really on the road a lot. And you separate from your wife and you decide that you’re going to stay home, which just seems impossible because I know a lot of speakers and they feel kind of trapped. So take us through that process and how you manage to get off the road and be a stay at home dad.

Mitch Axelrod  3:30  

That’s a great question. How it started really was when I recognize that my wife and I were going to divorce and I had been living at home and working out of the house since my son was born. So I was sort of already a stay at home dad, right. But now I really had to make the commitment and so my goal was to stay on the road continue to speak continue to train. It was really at the top of my game sharing the platform with very speakers you would know. Dan Kennedy, Brian Tracy Denis waitley. Michael Gerber you name it, getting paid really well doing what I love and do best. But my soul was calling me home. And in between my goal in my soul was my role. And my role was torn. I didn’t know what to do is like it can’t be home and be on the road I can’t be on the road and beyond. And so I said, Well, how do I resolve this? And and it came to me that in order to resolve this, I had to reverse the order of priority of my life. I had to do my soul setting first. And then my rule setting and then my goal setting and I said okay, what is my, my soul was saying, you got to be home. My son was a, I wasn’t gonna miss the next 10 years until he graduated high school. All right, that’s my soul was clear. My role was full time speaker etc. Now it was going to be full time stay at home dad, number one and one day I had to continue to be a business owner. Now I have two households to support not one. Okay. And so then I adjust My goal so what I, what I recognized in the process, which has now become a real central theme of my work, and what I’ve sent shared with 10s of thousands of people, is that when you do your soul setting and role setting first which are actually higher values, and then you do your goal setting. When you get into a place where you have when I quote, dimension tension between soul and goal and your role is confused or your role is not happy with your goal, or you’re selling your soul to get a goal,

John Corcoran  5:31  

whatever the conflict is, Dr. Seuss right now,

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