Mike Koenigs | How a Successful Entrepreneur and Cancer Survivor Reinvented Himself Again and Again

Mike Koenigs is a best-selling author, philanthropist, entrepreneur, video marketer, and even video game creator. He has sold two companies to publicly traded companies, and his philanthropy has raised over $2.4 million for the Just Like My Child Foundation.

In this episode, we also talk about:

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  • Mike’s Experiences and Influences Growing Up which led Him to Wish to be a Programmer
  • Why Someone Who can Market Themselves is more Valuable than Someone with Skill Alone
  • The Time Mike and His Partners Made a Video Game which was Distributed to 6 Million People
  • How Great Marketing Got Mike Great Clients Before the Days of the Internet
  • The Times Mike Worked with Music Artists like David Bowie and John Tesh Before Selling his Company Digital Cafe
  • How Mike Heard About Tony Robbins
  • When Mike was Worth a Billion Dollars on Paper During the Dotcom Era
  • How Mike Lived on a Houseboat in Minnesota…Year Round!
  • His Time as the Go-To Video Marketer Right as YouTube Hit the Scene
  • Perfect Timing: How Mike has Been at the Right Place at the Right Time Throughout His Life
  • How His Video Marketing Success Led to Working With Tony Robbins
  • Surviving Stage 3a Colorectal Cancer
  • Mike Talks Making his Documentary film Life With Tesla
  • How Automation will Replace Many Aspects of Our Economy in the Near Future
  • How Increasing Automation Could Actually Make Humanity Better
  • Who Mike Koenigs Thanks for His Success

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