Jeff Prager | How to Engineer Your Cash Flow Using 7 Simple Numbers

Can 7 simple numbers be the key to engineering your business?

Jeff Prager thinks so.

Jeff Prager is the CEO and Founder of Cash Flow Engineering LLC, an international training and advisory company for CEOs, business owners, and key managers. Cash Flow Engineering helps businesses to develop and implement marketing, sales, operational and financial systems that generate consistent, predictable, and sustainable cash flow. 

Jeff is a CPA, former CEO and CFO and owner partner of several successful multi-million dollar companies in different industries including Ashworth Golf Clothing and Strauss Homes. He has also been teaching economics at the University of Colorado, Denver and is the author of Financial Forecasting in Excel and Managing Your Business with Seven Key Numbers.

In this episode, Jeff Prager joins host John Corcoran to talk about his philosophy for his cashflow business, his 7 key numbers for engineering a business, and how he saved himself from the Great Recession of 2007-2009.

In this episode, we also talk about:

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Hear:

  • How Jeff Prager got into entrepreneurship
  • How Jeff mastered his numbers & sales
  • How Ashworth Golf Clothing was started
  • Jeff Prager saw the 2007-2009 recession coming
  • Jeff’s philosophy behind his cashflow business
  • Using Jeff’s 7 key numbers to engineer a business 
  • Jeff’s optimism & fears for the economic future
  • Jeff’s plans for his online teaching programs
  • Mentors & partners who have positively influenced Jeff
  • Jeff’s resources

Resources Mentioned:

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Episode Transcript

John Corcoran  0:40  

Alright, welcome everybody. JOHN Corcoran here. I’m the host of smart business revolution podcast where I talk with CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs of companies and organizations like YPO eo Activision Blizzard, which is the world’s largest video game company, lending tree, Open Table x software and many more and I’m also the co founder of rise 25, where we help connect b2b business owners with their ideal client aspects now I’m very excited today because my guest is Jeff Prager and Jeff is the CEO and founder of cash flow engineering LLC, which is an international training and advisory company for CEOs, business owners, and key managers helping businesses to develop and implement marketing and sales, operational and financial systems that generate consistent, predictable and sustainable cash flow. Who doesn’t need that, right. That’s extremely valuable with any business. His background is as a CPA, so we’re going to ask him about that. And former CEO and CFO and owner partners, several successful multi million dollar companies in different industries, which is really interesting, including Ashworth golf clothing, and also the one of the largest land development companies in the state of Colorado and owner of Strauss homes also, which was once rated as the second largest privately owned home builder in Colorado. So we’re going to jump into that he’s also been teaching economics at the University of Colorado, Denver and the author of financial forecasting in Excel and managing your business with seven key numbers. Alright, so before we get into that interview This podcast is brought to you by rise 25 media which I co founded with my business partner, Dr. Jeremy Weiss. And our mission is to connect you with your best referral partners and customers and we do that through our done for you podcast solution. I believe. If you have a business you should be having a podcast period it is one of the best things I’ve done hands down. Since I found in my business. It is like a Swiss Army knife, a tool that accomplishes so much at once. It can it will lead to clients referrals, strategic partnerships. It is networking business development, it is personal and professional development, which doubles as content marketing. Because of podcasting, we partnered with some amazing companies from Salesforce to Tony Robbins company, my business partner even came from it. I’ve been to people’s weddings been on vacation together. And Jeff, you know, I know you’ve been on other podcasts so you know the benefits that come from podcasting. But really, the podcast is the highest and best use of anyone’s time and it will save you time and connecting with higher caliber people to uplevel your network with people like Jeff here today, like I wouldn’t be carving out. We wouldn’t be carving out this time to have a conversation if it weren’t for this but we have a bigger mission and This is about you leaving a legacy for yourself and for your guests. And in fact, my business partner was inspired to podcast because his grandfather was a Holocaust survivor and the Holocaust foundation captured his grandfather’s personal story within interviews. So yes, podcasting has tremendous business benefits, but it also helps you and your guests leave a legacy of knowledge. So if you want to know more, go to rise one or email us at support at rise. 25 Alright, so Jeff, you are probably one of the most entrepreneurial CPAs I’ve ever met, you know, most CPAs I’ve met are cautious, conservative, risk adverse. And you know, my background is as a lawyer, which of course lawyers are cautious, conservative, risk adverse, they don’t like the crazy messiness that comes with something like entrepreneurship, for the most part, so I kind of feel like you and I are a little bit of black sheep, but I want to ask you, you know, were you always an entrepreneur and you just decided to go get your secret training was probably really smart thing to do, or did you come to it later? How did you first get into entrepreneurship?

Jeff Prager  4:07  

Most of it was by accident.

I got engaged to my wife in our senior year of college, and we were married three years, three months after I graduated. And my dad was dalry. My dowry to her father was I would not continue school until high got her through her school. And so I ended up selling real estate. And here I am trying to sell real estate. I’m 21 years old, 22 years old, and I look like I’m 16. And I’m knocking on doors and knocking on doors and getting nowhere. And one day I was on floor duty, and somebody called about a four Plex. And I went to the broker and I said, Okay, what do we have to go nothing? And I said, Well, I’m an economist. That was my one. I got my degree in. So I did a little projection of what this can yield. And the broker brings over his client. And he says, Hey, Jeff, we want to look at it and we’re losing the sale. I could see it. So as they’re walking out, I said to the broker, would you mind if I showed your client, an economic evaluation of this building? And he goes, No. And so I did. And that was my first sale in real estate. It was a commercial building. In fact, even when I own my home building business, it was seven years before I sold my first house. So it was all commercial real estate. And so earning my way through college, I taught that real estate brokers and license exam, and I was selling apartments and land developers. And then when my wife finally graduated, I was able to go back and sit for my CPA license and get the education I needed to sit for it. So that was my first foray with Entrepreneurship.

John Corcoran  6:01  

So those are two very different types of skills. Isn’t it? Like knowing your numbers and also being good at sales? Where do you feel like you’re you just kind of bridge the chasm or you more in one way or the other?

and your background your training is in architecture, right? So how does your background architecture? How does how have that helped you in in your at least in your inventing career? Because you were inventing a lot of products, right?

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