Gary Nealon | From Bankruptcy to $30M/Year Business Selling Cabinets Online
Gary Nealon

Gary Nealon is founded a business selling kitchen cabinets online and was able to scale it up to over $30 million annually.

Gary is now a marketing consultant and the author of Notes to a Young Enterpreneur: Everything a High School Student Needs to Know About Turning an Idea Into a Successful Business.

In this episode, we also talk about:

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In this episode, we also talk about:

  • How an Act of Defiance Was Responsible for the Creation of Garys Business
  • Why Garys First Foray into Entrepreneurship Led Him to File Bankruptcy in Less Than a Year
  • The Role Craigslist Played in the Beginning of His Cabinet Business
  • How Gary Scaled the Business to Bring in over $30 Million Annually
  • Why Gary Decided to Sell His Business Last Fall
  • What Inspired Gary Being Speaking at High Schools and Write His New Book?
  • Garys Thoughts About Whether Kids Today Should Attend College Before Becoming an Entrepreneur
  • Gary Predictions for the Future of Entrepreneurship
  • The Role In-Person Network Played in the Growth of Garys Business
  • Who Gary Thanks for His Business

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