[Podcast Series] Dr. Jeremy Weisz | How to Be a Gold Medalist at B2B Podcasting
Smart Business Revolution

Dr. Jeremy Weisz is the Co-founder of Rise25, a company that helps B2B business owners connect with their ideal prospects, referral partners, and strategic partners through a done-for-you podcast service. Dr. Weisz has been involved in podcasting for 11 years and was a senior producer for one of the early business podcasts; he assisted in putting all of their systems in place and helped them add volume, feature, and edify various business leaders.

Dr. Weisz has also been running his own podcast, Inspired Insider, since 2011. He has featured top entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs of companies such as P90X, Atari, Einstein Bagels, Mattel, the Orlando Magic, and many more through video interviews. Dr. Weisz also founded a nutritional supplement business and continues to run his own chiropractic and massage facility, Chiropractical Solutions & Massage.

In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, John Corcoran is joined by Dr. Jeremy Weisz, his Co-founder at Rise25, to talk about how to be a gold medalist at b2b podcasting. They also discuss the importance of having a client avatar when starting a podcast and explain why new podcasters should not spend too much time on post-production. Stay tuned.

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Hear:

  • Dr. Jeremy Weisz explains what b2b podcasting involves
  • The importance of using a podcast as a relationship-building tool
  • Why podcast downloads don’t matter
  • The significance of having a goal and a client avatar when starting a podcast
  • Dr. Weisz talks about following up with guests and getting future guest recommendations
  • How to deepen a relationship with a podcast guest
  • What prevents people from becoming gold medalists at b2b podcasting?

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Cofounders Dr. Jeremy Weisz and John Corcoran credit podcasting as being the best thing they have ever done for their businesses. Podcasting connected them with the founders/CEOs of P90xAtariEinstein BagelsMattelRx BarsYPO, EO, Lending Tree, Freshdesk,  and many more.  

The relationships you form through podcasting run deep. Jeremy and John became business partners through podcasting. They have even gone on family vacations and attended weddings of guests who have been on the podcast.

Podcast production has a lot of moving parts and is a big commitment on our end; we only want to work with people who are committed to their business and to cultivating amazing relationships.

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Rise25 Cofounders, Dr. Jeremy Weisz and John Corcoran, have been podcasting and advising about podcasting since 2008.

Episode Transcript

Intro 0:01

Welcome to the revolution, the Smart Business Revolution podcast where we ask today’s most successful entrepreneurs to share the tools and strategies they use to build relationships and connections to grow their revenue. Now, your host for the revolution, John Corcoran.

John Corcoran 0:40

All right, welcome. John Corcoran here, I am the host of this episode along with my business partner and co-host, Dr. Jeremy Weisz. How are you doing Jeremy?

Jeremy Weisz 0:50

I’m excited. Let’s rock it.

John Corcoran 0:52

Alright, so we’re gonna push this out. This is a live episode we’re doing here today. We’re gonna push this out in a couple of different podcast feeds, so you’ll be able to listen to it after the fact. And of course, I’m the host of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast and you can check out some of my past interviews. I interview smart CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs and companies and organizations like Netflix, Kinkos’, YPO, EO, Activision Blizzard, LendingTree, OpenTable, and many more. And Jeremy, tell us about Inspired Insider.

Jeremy Weisz 1:19

Yeah, check out Inspired Insider interviews. I, you know, have had the co-founders of Pixar, Atari, P90X, Ron Popeil, Einstein Bagels, and many more. So check them out, and hear a few of those. 

John Corcoran 1:31

That’s pretty cool. And we are also the co-founders of Rise25, where we help connect b2b business owners their ideal prospects through podcasting and content marketing. And in this episode, we’re going to be talking about how to be a gold medalist at b2b podcasting. Okay, so this will be helpful if you are a b2b business and you are thinking about what are the things that I need to do to be the best to be the Usain Bolt to be the Michael Phelps of the world, I don’t want to be someone who completely misses the metal stand at the end of the competition. So we’re going to talk about some strategies for how you can be really good at doing a podcast. If you’re going to a b2b Podcast, we’re not gonna have a b2c podcast, we’re not talking about comedy, podcasts, those things are great. We’re not talking about true crime, all the other stuff out there. Those are, those are great, but we’re not talking about that. Alright, so let’s dive into it.

Of course, this episode, before we get into that, is brought to you by Rise25. We help b2b businesses get clients referrals and strategic partnerships with done for your podcast and content marketing. And if you’re listening to this, and you’ve ever thought, hey, I’d love to know more about starting a podcast, we would say one of the best things we’ve ever done, we both been in the field for 14 years or so, combined 25 or so years in this field. And I love it get to beat amazing people all the time, and you would love it as well. So go to rise25.com. You can learn all about what’s involved with doing a b2b podcast. And so we’re gonna be talking about how to be successful, and to be really a gold medalist. And let’s start, Jeremy, by talking about what we’re talking about here. So, you know, in the Olympics, you’ve got one chance, you may never be back that it happens every four years. And it’s a great analogy, because you’re highly specialized, and you have specific coaches that come in and help you in different areas. And that’s one of the things that we do is is help people with b2b podcasting. But at the end of the day, you’re either going to be on the medal stand, you’re gonna have a gold medal, maybe if you’re lucky, have a gold medal, silver medal bronze medal, or you’re going to get nothing, you’re going to walk away with nothing. And unfortunately, you know, having done a podcast for so many years now, we see a lot of companies that start podcasts, they do it for six months, maybe 12 months, and then they either put it on hiatus and never get back to it, or they quit it entirely. And all times they end up in frustration. And so what we’re really passionate about is helping other companies to make sure that they’re successful. And so there’s a lot of different things that we see people do that lead to a great amount of success. And we see a lot of things that people fixate focus their time, energy attention on, that ends up leading to failure or disappointment. And that’s really what we try and do is help to help people to avoid to land on that. So Jeremy, turning it over to you. You know, want to make sure we don’t sound self serving here, but that this is something that’s valuable people.

Jeremy Weisz 4:38

Yeah, I mean, the thing is, we talk about you kind of analogy, right? What we tell people is to focus on relationship building, right? How do you give to your relationships and your relationships within a certain industry is best so you don’t want to have necessarily your Anton or your cousin on that. We’re talking about b2b businesses here. So you want people in your industry. So it starts with, you know, we talked to people about who are the people in your universe and world, and we’re talking about business world that you really want to give to connect to, you know, allow them to talk about their thought leadership. And, again, it goes without saying it’s going to be great content, because it’s going to be about that specific industry, but focus on who are the people and companies you really want to give to it.

John Corcoran 5:31

And ultimately, that’s how you become a gold medalist is you first have thought through, okay, who am I going to focus on here? And I talked to someone the other day, who said, Yeah, you know, we’ve been doing a podcast for three years now. And I look back on the first years worth of content, and we really didn’t focus on the right people. And, and, frankly, I mean, what I was surprised about that conversation is that they’d continue doing it three years later, without having gotten a lot of results from it, because a lot of people, they’ll do it for six months or so. But after that point, they end up giving up. And so you have a really finite window of time, to get some success from it to get some actual results from it. Or else, oftentimes, we see people give up. And that’s, it’s just sad to see that sort of thing happen. So, you know, first and foremost, if you want to be a gold medalist, you got to view this as a relationship building tool. It’s a networking tool, it’s a tool for up leveling your network, it’s a tool for connecting and deepening relationships with people that are going to be valuable for you and for your business. And you got to recognize that that’s really some of the true value behind it. So talk a little bit about how that works. Jerry?

Jeremy Weisz 6:42

Yeah, I mean, so it reminds me of, you know, as you know, I’m a huge fan of John Wooden, and he has the quote, I think it was attributed to him never mistake activity for achievement. And so just because you’re putting stuff out, and it doesn’t, you know, just because you have that activity doesn’t mean you are going to achieve what your goals are. And, you know, so actually, I was talking to someone and someone was, you know, didn’t know us. And they were saying, you know, Jeremy, what separates you? And they sent me actually some communication with someone giving some podcasting advice. And this person had done a podcast for a while. And within five seconds, I was like, I know exactly. You know why I don’t agree with this advice at all. And we are have a little bit different opinion on certain things from other people, sometimes. But this person in three different sentences was giving podcasting advice, because they podcast it for maybe, I don’t know, two years, which is a long times to some people and not to others, but they talked about different numbers. Like when they’re talking about metrics, they’re talking about downloads, scribers and, and I said, Okay, you are an e-commerce business. Okay, you got e-commerce businesses, let’s say you get a million downloads. Does that help your business? Are there are they all, they’re probably not all, you know, needing what you have. Now, if he has a mass market product, but this person serves is a b2b business. They help e-commerce businesses. So getting a million downloads, or subscribers, or getting in front of 100,000, Instagram fans, right? It’s not gonna matter. That just doesn’t matter. Now, you want to be in the close circle of people that care about that stuff, and are in that particular industry?

John Corcoran 8:35

Yeah. And it goes back to what I say people all the time, you have to know what your underlying objectives are in your business. What are your goals in your business, that’s what you want to really focus on. Because it when you accomplish those goals faster because of the podcast, then the podcast has been successful. And if it takes 100 downloads to do that, or 100,000 downloads, who cares how many downloads it takes, it doesn’t matter, in addition to the fact that, you know, people lie about these things all the time. Sad to say, but because the numbers are big black box, they’re not publicly known. 50 to 70% of all the downloads come through Apple. Now Apple doesn’t release download numbers. That do it’s sad to say, but we see people all the time who posts like, I have a top 100 podcast. Well, what does that mean? I’m looking at the top 100 charts right now. I don’t see your podcast on there. On what by what metric? Are you counting that like maybe one seven years ago, it was on the top? 100? Yeah, you know, or you’re just making it up out of thin air, you know, so unfortunately, that does happen a lot. What are some other gold medal winning qualities that we see in really successful b2b podcasts? Yeah,

Jeremy Weisz 9:46

I mean, I think you hit on one which is know what your goal is. Okay, someone the other day called me as a Jeremy. I know that you guys, you know, help People launch and start podcasts. I have this person, and I think he’s really started a podcast. And he’s just gonna start his business. And can you talk to him? And I said, it was a little confusing. He’s like, he may be getting a job, a job with a company, or you may be starting his business. I was like, Okay, well, those are two totally separate things. And I have a totally different strategy. And advice for him on his podcast, if he’s thinking of getting a job, because I’d be like, okay, cool. Like, he wants to get a job, let’s say in whatever the security industry, I would tell him to, you know, really connect with people in the security industry, maybe HR people in the security industry, and really network and add value to those people. And then if it was to start his business, you know, what’s, what’s the service? I said, before he should even start a podcast? I, you know, I said, I don’t even think you should start a podcast. So he has his main goal written out and know what that is, in starting business, what’s the service he’s providing? And then that will depend on who he goes after. So anyways, after that, short conversations, uh, yeah, you should just tell them that, and at least it gives them a starting place. But I would tell that person not even to start a podcast to start. And I