Carrie Santos | Becoming a Better Leader by Influencing Others

John Corcoran 4:39

And you worked in the State Department and you worked in the Red Cross helping refugees so it’s kind of like your previous world in your current world colliding here. You joined an organization of entrepreneurs, and then you kind of the two are colliding. But what’s that perspective like for you, having experienced this before and now being a part of it with this organization?

Carrie Santos 4:59

I never imagined when I left the refugee section in the State Department that it would have anything to do with my work here at EO but it feels like some amazing alignment of the heavens and the stars that when we had members in Poland, trying to understand a little bit more about how the UN agencies work, or how the Red Cross works, and I’ve been able to share my network, my background because actually, the entrepreneurs are great at solving problems. And being that glue, they just want to learn a little more and up their game. But I feel so blessed to be working with people who are moving faster than governments can move and moving faster than the UN can move. It’s just amazing to say,

John Corcoran 5:38

any final thoughts for people watching at home, your members who are thinking about coming to a future GLC?

Carrie Santos 5:44

The amazing thing is who you’re going to brush up against in the meal line, you’re like getting your salad, and here’s somebody from Tanzania. Here’s somebody from Gurgaon, India, and you’ll sit down at a table with them and you’ll start talking and find out you like all the same authors. It’s just amazing. You’ve read the same books and of course, because it’s you know, you’re talking about learning, you’re talking about books and authors, that kind of thing. That does not happen in your regular life and learning new people constantly giving each other referrals. Oh, listen to this podcast. Oh, I know exactly what’s right. You know, just really sharing and powering up together our learning. It’s amazing. All of that brain power and all that heart coming together.

John Corcoran 6:24

We’ve been talking with Dr. Carrie Santos here at the EO GLC conference 2022. Thank you, Dr. Santos, for your time. 

Carrie Santos 6:33

Thank you.

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