John Corcoran

103: Hugh Culver | How to Become a Paid Speaker

Hugh Culver is using his experience being part of building five different business, including one that chartered private flights and tourist expeditions to the South Pole, to motivate others through the art of public speaking.

John Corcoran

102: Michael Roderick | From High School Teacher to Broadway Producer in Two Years

Michael Roderick went from being a high school English teacher to a Broadway Producer — in less than two years. Pretty impressive.

John Corcoran

101: Patrick Ewers | How to Network, Silicon Valley Style

Originally from Germany, Patrick moved to the United States and found his place in Silicon Valley.

A letter to All Veterans on Veterans Day

For me, its a chance to be grateful to every Veteran who made America a place where people can worship in freedom, live and work where they want, and enjoy liberties unprecedented in the course of human history.

100: The 10 Unusual Lessons I Learned From 100 Podcast Episodes

People go to these conferences because it feels like they’re making progress on their business, but if you really look at whether there’s ROI or if you made serious changes and improvements to your business, its questionable.

099: Caleb Bacon | How to Build Your Network in Hollywood

My guest is Caleb Bacon. Caleb Bacon is a Hollywood TV writer, the creator of the Man School podcast, and (spoiler alert) not related to Kevin Bacon.

098: Dorie Clark | How to Become a Recognized Expert

Dorie is an author, former Presidential campaign spokesperson, former journalist and a speaker.

097: Chris Johnson | How to Sell Very Expensive Products

Chris and his company have actually worked with some of the biggest business book authors including Arianna Huffington, Robert Greene, Ryan Holiday and Seth Godin.

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