Paul Edwards | Operation Iraqi Freedom, Quadriplegic Multimillionaires, and Networking with Influencers

Networking. It strikes fear in the hearts of many a businessperson. 

Despite this, it is a skill not everyone prioritizes. 

Paul Edwards is not one of those people.

Paul Edwards is the host of the Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast Show and an international best-selling author. Paul is the Founder of the Business Beyond Business Mastermind, which incorporates mentoring, teaching, and accountability for the Radically Generous Entrepreneur. 

In this episode, John is joined by Paul Edwards to talk about what it means to be an Extroverted Introvert, strategies for networking, and what he learned in two tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

In this episode, we also talk about:

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  • Why Paul Considers Himself an “Extroverted Introvert”
  • Being the Life of the Party is Not the Only Way to Network
  • Knowing Who to Talk to When Networking
  • An Interesting Apprenticeship That Transformed the Way Paul Connected with People
  • Lessons from Two Tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Paul’s Approach to Large Networking Events
  • Transitioning from Selling Insurance to Being Self-Employed
  • What Caused Paul to Want to Start Something New
  • Who Paul Thanks for His Success

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Episode Transcript

John Corcoran  0:40  

Alright, welcome everybody. My guest on the show is Paul Edwards. He is the author of the new book Business Beyond Business: How to Gain Magnetic Influence, Meaningful Connection and Profitable Publicity by Becoming a Radically Generous Entrepreneur. And we’re going to dive into the topic of that book and how to be radically generous. 

He’s also the host of the Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast was he was kind enough to have me on as a guest. He’s a coach, he’s a speaker, he’s an entrepreneur, also, US Army veteran, served over five years in active duty two tours, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. So thank you, sir, for your service. 

But first, before we launch into that, you know, if you’ve listened to a couple of episodes before, you know, we go deep with founders, with CEOs, with experts, we asked them to break down their business, how they built it and special in specifically, the relationships right with clients, mentors, friends, peers, business partners. That’s what it’s all about. That’s what makes such a big difference. And that’s why we’re here. And you know that that makes a big difference for your business. So all we ask is that you subscribe so that you’re going to receive downloads for this podcast automatically, and you can keep on improving your relationships to grow your business. 

Also, before we get into this, this podcast is brought to you by rise 25 media, which is our done for you agency. We help b2b businesses, get more clients, referral partners and strategic partners through either done for you podcast or done for you marketing. And our company has over 20 years experience with podcast and we believe that firmly that starting a podcast, one of the best things you can do for your business you knew personally, and I imagine, Paul, you would agree as well, because of all the good that has flowed from it for you. And you know, if you do it, right, it’s so many things at once. It’s really a Swiss Army knife, its business development, networking, client acquisition, it’s not just a simple one tool. It’s many tools at once. And it even allows you have a conversation with really smart people whose work you admire, like I’m about to do right here right now. So you want to learn more go to rise 25 dot com. 

Alright, as I mentioned, my guest is Paul Edwards. He’s an author, he’s a podcaster. The book is business beyond business. And Paul, you say in the book that you’re an extroverted introvert, and I thought that would be a good place to jump off. Because I hear from people all the time who say, you know, first of all, surveys say that the vast majority people consider themselves an introvert to some degree. And a lot of people think that networking is not for because I’m an introvert. What are your thoughts on that?

Paul Edwards  3:04  

Well, first of all, thanks so much for having me, john. And I really appreciate the intro there. And I would say to start off, that one of the best things I’ve learned about the whole extrovert introvert thing is that if we start to use it as a label, as opposed to a lens through which to look at our style of relating, we get into the whole thing of I’m not suited for that, because I’m an introvert, or they’re too extroverted to be, you know, to be involved in this group, because they’re too loud, right? And so funnily enough, actually, yesterday, I was just, I was interviewing Dr. Ken Keyes, I don’t know if you know who he is. He’s out of British Columbia, he has a company called consulting resource group. And he has taken a very deep, I mean, eight levels deep dive into this. And he has published a book on it. And he’s basically created this test, which I went through this morning, that begins to put more meat on the bones of this. 

And it shows you basically that you can be both at once, depending on the category, depending on the people you’re interacting with, depending on the circumstances. So for a practical example of this, I absolutely get a thrill and a genuine adrenaline rush, and a second wind, if you will, from being on stage with a microphone, right? And when I’ve emceed I’ve done MC work for the local Miss America pageants for the last five years running, and I just can’t get enough of it. Right. I love doing it and, and I I pay money to do it, I paid to rent my own tuxedo, sometimes for certain pageants, I’m apart. So it’s just, you know, but and then on the other hand, large crowds that used to that used to grab me more now it doesn’t like large networking groups, I don’t go to them. And, and I guess in that way, I’m more self contained, I’m more likely to draw energy from just being here, creating content

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