Jim Padilla | How to Execute $100M in Sales

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Jim Padilla went from living on the streets as a teenager to becoming the founder of Gain the Edge; a sales training company that has delivered over $100 million worth of sales for its clients since 2008.

Jimís going provides some insights into his business today and give his tips for becoming better at sales.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What Jim Learned as an Athletic Coach and a Collegiate Athlete that Heís Carried into His Current Business
  • The Unique Approach to How His Business Helps Increase Client Sales
  • What it was Like for Jim to Start His Business During a Recession
  • The Way Jim Manages His Team and Sets Them Up for Success
  • How Jimís Hiring Process Ensures His Team Members Share the Values of the Company
  • How Jimís Able to Maintain a Positive Mindset Despite Living on the Streets as a Teenager and Having Been to Jail
  • The Risks Jim Takes with His Business and Why He Does So Voluntarily
  • Jimís Advice for Anyone Wanting to Get Better at Sales
  • What Jimís Most Excited About for His Business in 2019
  • Who Jim Thanks for His Success

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