15 Super Easy Ways to Get Leads Online for Your Business

Want to generate leads online for your business?

Who doesn’t, right?

There’s something pretty attractive about waking up in the morning, grabbing your morning cup of coffee, then looking at your phone and seeing you have a few dozen new leads just waiting to hear from you.

Well, I’m here to say that generating leads online is easier than you may think. It takes work, but it’s not impossible.

And if you can turn those leads into clients, if you play your cards right.

But here’s the rub. We’re all busy. We have families, chores to do, hobbies, you name it.

So how do you generate leads online … while also actually running your business?

(Oh yeah, don’t forget about that.)

I’ve used dozens of different  are always asking me about how they can build relationships with a lot of people – when they don’t have enough time.

Trust me, I get it. I a wife, multiple businesses, a houseful of kids, yada yada.

So I decided to put together a big list of super easy ways you can build leads online in a smart way that will turn those leads into customers, AND without it taking tons and tons of your time.

Here you go…

1. Start an Email List

I know what you may be thinking: starting an email list is hard! And would take a lot of time! Actually, it’s one of the smartest things you can do to save time, and if you feel like you don’t have enough time right now, you absolutely MUST to start an email list.

You can hire someone on Upwork or Freeeup to set it up for you, and it should only take them a couple of hours, and it actually saves you time because you can set up messages (called autoresponders) to be sent out automatically and once you set it up it’s “set it and forget it.”

Also, prospective clients and referral partners who come to your website can easily hop on your email list and learn more about you. It is, quite literally, relationship-building while you sleep.

To make it easy on you, I created simple instructions on how to start an email newsletter in under 20 minutes and also take the email challenge I put together on how to grow your email list to 10K subscribers or more.

2. Generate Your Own Online Content

If you want to be smarter about your time, then you simply must move from one to one communication (speaking, emailing, texting, etc.) with clients, to one-to-many communication. That means you need to create content. Try business sms service, you may be surprise at how engaging this tool may be.

That content could be a variety of different mediums, from blog posts to audio content (podcasts), to video (published on YouTube or another video platform) or imagery content (via Instagram or Pinterest, for example).

3. Create Blog Posts

One of the simplest and easiest ways to build relationships on steroids is to creating written blog post content which dozens – or hundreds, or thousands – of people can read now and over hte years ahead.

And yet, the biggest barrier stopping people from creating blog post content is either they feel like they don’t have enough time or they don’t have enough ideas.

As I mentioned above, you won’t have enough time until you make it a priority to start creating content. So if you carve out the time to begin creating blog post content, then your “time” challenges will begin to lessen, rather than getting worse with each passing year.

I have a friend who started a blog 10+ years and and has worked diligently on it, building it up over the years. He recently took an entire summer off, doing very little work and spending most of the time with his young kids. That’s true time freedom, and it only came because he committed to creating blog post content.

And as for where to find Blog Post ideas? Just try googling “blog post ideas” and you will get plenty of them. Or copy the format of the title of this blog post and write your own.

4. Record Short Videos on Your Phone

If you hate writing, then choose another medium which you are comfortable with to use for generating leads online. Nearly every computer these days comes with a built in webcam or video camera, so all the equipment you need is right in your pocket.

In fact, data has shown that more “unpolished” videos tend to get greater engagement, so don’t wait until you can build that professional studio in your basement or office before you start creating videos. Just turn your phone or web cam on yourself and click record and share a piece of wisdom or advice. You can publish it to YouTube and share it on your blog or website, YouTube, and more.

5. Turn Emails into Blog Posts

A lot of people say they don’t have time to write blog posts. So turn something you are already doing into blog content.

Chances are you have common questions with existing clients or prospective clients ask you again and again, and you probably answer some of these questions via email. So take this text, polish it up a bit, give it a title, and turn it into a blog post.

That way, work which you are already doing and which you only benefit from once (when the individual client reads it once) will actually

6. Do Lead Generation using LinkedIn Every Day

If you want to build relationships with massive amounts of other business professionals, you must be active on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a long game so you need to either (a) commit to carving out 30 to 60 minutes per day, every day, to reach out to your ideal prospects, or (much better yet), delegating it to someone else to send out these messages manually, so you can focus on higher level activities which are a better use of your time.

We have a 100% done-for-you service for a limited number of clients where we handle all of this – we manage sending out copywritten messages via LinkedIn which are designed to get a response, and we are very good at it. Contact us if you want more details.  

7. Start a Web-Based Profile Series

Back in 2011, when I was hustling to get my boutique law firm off the ground, I was hired by a client to write a simple, basic lease, for about $500, so he could rent out a spare bedroom in his house. (Today, he would probably just use Airbnb!).

I got to talking to the client and it turned out he was actually quite the accomplished entrepreneur and one of his companies had even gone publish and was a bit of a household name. In other words, he was exactly the kind of client I wanted to work with.

So I asked him if I could have 15 or 20 minutes of his time for me to profile him in a short interview.

And guess what happened? A week or two later, he sent me an email saying “Hey, I don’t know if you can handle this, but I have another legal matter for you…” I ended up doing a bunch of legal work with him. I’m sure if I hadn’t profiled him, then the small lease would have been the end of it.

Since that point, I’ve profiled 300+ clients, referral partners and some amazing entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and more with simple audio or video interviews. I’ve used the strategy to connect with and even build friendships with business leaders such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Guy Kawasaki, Noah Kagan, BNI founder Dr. Ivan Misner and Mike Muhney (founder of ACT! Software); authors such as Dan Pink, Michael Port, and Adam Grant; and speaker/new media influencers such as Marie Forleo, Jeff Bullas and John Jantsch.

This very simple technique has led to more clients, online leads, and revenue than I can keep track of.

But most people won’t start doing these profiles. Because there is too high a barrier, from what software and tools to use to the mechanics of how to publish these profiles.

That’s why we created a 100% done-for-you service for a limited number of clients where we handle all of this – we take care of all the “tech” so all you need to do is show up 2-3 times per month and have a casual conversation with your ideal client prospects and referral partners, which we will publish for you across different platforms.

We will even manage sending out copywritten messages via LinkedIn to your ideal client prospects to generate interview guests. Contact us if you want more details.  

8. Follow Up With Those You’ve Met

One of the biggest mistakes people make when connecting with leads online is they think they can build a relationship overnight and get a sale quickly. Often it does not work that way. Relationships take time. So follow up with leads you connect with online and you will build more trust.  

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9. Post to LinkedIn

You probably already have a lot of connections on LinkedIn, but are you doing anything to remain top of mind with them?

According to LinkedIn, there are over 250 million active monthly users on LinkedIn. These folks are scrolling through and looking for updates, and by posting, you can be top of mind with them.

10. Post to Facebook

When I was full time practicing law, I got a ton of business from Facebook. That usually shocks people. But the reason it worked was because Facebook is a great way to keep in touch (and top of mind) with people who you otherwise would not keep in touch with – like old neighbors, old college friends, old coworkers, etc.

When you post to Facebook, it allows you to be top of mind with all of these folks in one fell swoop. 

11. Bring Your Personality Out Online

I think the highest compliment when I meet someone who only “knows” me from online is when they say “you sound just like you do online.”

In other words, I recommend you use online tools to amplify who you are in real life. Be the true you, and use online tools to project the true you to a larger community of people.

So I say don’t be afraid to share about your hobbies and interests when connecting and sharing details about yourself online.

12. Actively Comment and Engage on Social Media

Whenever you are on social media, make that time effective by engaging and by starting a Community Engagement Platform. In other words, don’t just watch videos and view people’s vacation photos, but actually post comments as much as possible so people know you were there.

The worst thing you can do on social media if you want to use it to generate leads online is to be a “lurker” because if no one knows you were there, then the time truly was wasted and you were not using it to build relationships.

Conversely, if you are active on social media and actively comment on other people’s posts, then they know you are there and you become top of mind.

That, after all, is why people post things to social media – because they want people to engage with them.

13. Look for Ways to Help

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

When you connect with someone online, you should only be thinking of how you can be useful or helpful to that person at the outset.

Nothing is more of a turnoff than connecting with someone on whatever platform and having them immediately ask for a favor or try to sell you on a service. So be sure you don’t do it.

Instead, ask questions and inquire about what the other person is focused on and see if you have any resources, connections, or ideas which can help them in their initiatives.  

14. Leverage Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, and it has big opportunities. My friend Daniel DiPiazza actually was an early adopter of Instagram, back when it was viewed as a platform just for female and lifestyle brands.

If you aren’t using Instagram, keep an open mind and see if you could use it for your business.

15. Communicate Using the Platform THEY Choose

When you meet someone new, make sure you figure out how they prefer to communicate online – email, Skype, Facebook Messenger? Every industry and every person is different.

Most people have a preferred way of communicating which works for them, and when you respect that, you will immediately starting building trust with them.

16. Host Webinars

Webinars are one of the most effective means of generating leads online. I’ve done over 300+ webinars, and I’ve had webinars where I’ve generated 3,000+ new email leads from a single webinar. 

To do this, I suggest acting like a keynote speaker – borrow other stages where you can speak and gather leads.

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The Bottom Line

Often, we use our energies in ways that are not the most effective for the long term health of our business. In other words, we may. By thinking through our actions ahead of time, we can actually make the most effective use of our energies and generate many more leads online which will actually turn into buyers and customers for life.