3 Business Lessons from the Beaches of Maui

Greetings from Maui!

I’m living and working with my family in Hawaii for the better part of a month this summer. As you can imagine, this experience was a long time coming. For a number of years we have been working towards this goal, and it took months of planning.

I’ve always loved Hawaii, and it has been a dream to come back for a longer stretch of time and be able to experience it more like a local, especially by staying in a local neighborhood and experiencing more of the islands beyond the touristy sections.

I wanted to reflect on this experience and share a few business lessons I’ve learned from my time here so far, because I think they are valuable for you.

So here they are…

1.) Mix it up.

It’s easy to get stuck in daily and weekly habits and routines and get stuck in a “rut.”

Mixing things up and making a change is a great way to gain new perspectives and generate new ideas. I certainly felt like being in Maui for almost a month helped me to generate new ideas, but you don’t need to fly off to a tropical destination to do this.

You can change your daily or weekly habits by getting out of the office in the middle of the day, working from a new coffee shop, or taking a walk. Whatever you do, take time to change up your routines and inject some new, fresh energy.

2.) Pursue What Makes You Happy

The Hawaiian word for water is “wai.” The word for “wealth” is “waiwai.” In other words, Hawaiians saw water as so precious and valuable, that they used the word for water (twice) to describe wealth.

In your case, what makes you happy? How do you define “wealth”? Make sure it’s your definition and that you’re not pursuing someone else’s definition of success.

For me, spending a few weeks living and working from an exotic destination during the summer is my idea of success. But for you it might be something totally different.

And finally…

3.) Build Systems, Not a Job.

I realize these few weeks would never have been possible if I hadn’t made the decision years ago to build my own platform and systematize my business.

Rather than continuing to practice law in a traditional way and trading hours for dollars, I decided to build Smart Business Revolution – which helped me to become a thought leader and to connect with hundreds of ideal prospects.

I think monetized that business and the revenue replaced and then exceeded my income as a lawyer.

My business partner did the same, with his Inspired Insider platform.

Between the two of us, we’ve generated over 7 figures in revenue from these platforms.

Now, I can’t imagine going back to schlepping all over town to different “networking” events. This works so much better.

So as you build your business, keep in mind if you don’t want to be stuck working “in” your business for the rest of your life – effectively an employee – then you need to build a business with a platform and assets.

That’s how you create a “flywheel” in your business – an asset that keeps generating value, even if you’re on vacation.

I know no better way to do all of this than to build your own platform. This is critical.

And it’s not that hard – you can do it.

But here’s the problem… most business owners are too busy to build it!

There is always something or someone competing for your attention, and you never seem to have enough time to get it all done.

So you get busy, and you forget to do the things you need to do to keep your business afloat.

Like… marketing and networking to get your next client.

Imagine… if you could focus on what you do best and didn’t have to spend gobs of time doing marketing and networking?

Imagine… if you woke up in the morning, and as you sipped your morning coffee, you scrolled through all the incoming messages from qualified prospects reaching out to you which were generated overnight – while you slept.

Pretty cool, right?

If this interests you, I have good news…

Right now we have some available bandwidth to work with a handful of clients, to help you to create your own simple but scalable platform that will deliver a steady stream of new clients year-in and year out.

Best of all, this is nearly 100% done-for-you … we will do all the heavy lifting and deliver leads to you, stress-free.

Here’s what we can help you with:

You’re busy. Probably too busy. You don’t have the bandwidth to do all of this, or else you would have done it by now.

We’ve done all of this. My business partner Jeremy and I have 15 years of experience between us building our own media platforms, and creating a system for connecting with influencers and VIPs and prospective clients.

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