Frank Bria | How to Scale Businesses and How to Recover When the Roof Caves In on You
Frank Bria

Sometimes everything can go wrong at once, and it seems like the roof has caved in on you.

Not all is lost.

Frank Bria is the Founder of High Ticket Program. He began his entrepreneurial career in the financial services sector. He has worked for a number of different corporations and several startups, some of which sold for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Frank is also the author of the international best selling book Scale: How to Grow Your Business by Working Less. He is a father of three beautiful daughters and he is also the host of the 6 to 7 Figures Show Podcast, which he relaunched after a bit of a hiatus. 

In this episode, Frank Bria joins John Corcoran to talk about how Frank helps coaches build and scale up their group coaching programs, the best ways to get the right audience for coaching, and how Frank dealt with a divorce, a hip replacement, and coming out to his family & kids all at the same time. 

In this episode, we also talk about:

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Hear:

  • Frank’s professional background and what it was like to move from the corporate world to working with clients in fixing their group coaching programs
  • The similarities and differences between working with large & small companies
  • The most common mistakes people make with group coaching
  • Figuring out your value proposition for a group coaching session
  • Frank’s customer journey map and how to create alignment between different offerings
  • How to properly build the right audience for your coaching program
  • The different personality dynamics you usually find in group coaching programs
  • Frank talks about his life and how he came out to his family
  • Frank shares how he dealt with his personal issues while going through the failure of his business and his hip replacement
  • Who Frank credits for his success 
  • Where to learn more about Frank Bria

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Episode Transcript

John Corcoran 0:40

Alright, welcome everyone. John Corcoran here I’m the host of the smart business revolution podcast where I talk with CEOs founders and entrepreneurs of companies and organizations like YPO, EO, Activation, Blizzard, which is the world’s largest video game company, Lending Tree, Open Table, x software and many more. I’m also the co-founder of Rise25, where we hope to connect b2b business owners Their ideal prospects. And I’m very excited today because my guest is a good friend Frank bright Bria, who has been a friend for quite some time. And I’ll tell you why this why this interview is significant today. But first, he’s the founder of a high ticket program, began his entrepreneurial career in the financial services sector sector worked for a number of different corporations and then worked also for several startups, some of which sold for hundreds of millions of dollars, some of which crashed in flames. And so there’s lots of experience in those areas. And, and today, he’s the author of the international best selling book scale, how to grow your business by working less, the father of three beautiful daughters. He’s also the host of the six to seven figures show podcast, which he relaunched after a bit of a hiatus. But what’s significant is he’s really been through hell and back the last few years, listen to this kind of stuff that he’s had to overcome a business partner breakup, a divorce, coming out to his family, expelled from his longtime Church, he had some health issues as well. So to pick yourself back up from that, you know, what I want to talk about is what it takes to pick yourself back up from that and be able to rebound. But before we get into that this podcast is brought to you by rise 25 media, which I co founded with my business partner, Dr. Jeremy Weiss, and our mission is to connect you with your best referral partners and customers. We do that through our done for you podcast solution, I believe if you have a business, you should have a podcast period. And I know that Frank agrees with me on this. It’s one of the best things I’ve done hands down. Since I found in my business. It’s like a Swiss Army knife. It’s a tool that accomplishes so much at once. It can be, you know, it can be business development, it’s networking is client acquisition. It’s personal and professional development, which doubles as content marketing. And because of podcasting, we’ve had so many great opportunities like partnering with companies like Salesforce, and Tony Robbins company, my business partner even came from podcasting been to people’s weddings, you name it, all kinds of great things which have come from it. So if you want to learn more about that go to, and we can talk all about it. So, but going back to you, Frank, so as I mentioned, you know, you’ve had this really, incredibly tough couple of years. And I want to get into that. But first, before we get into it, I want to start with your professional background, spent a lot of years in the corporate world. And you had titles, like VP of client solutions, Senior Director of client services, now, you help coaches to fix their group coaching program. So what’s the connection between those two? How did you get from there to here?

Frank Bria 3:36

That’s Yeah, that’s a really good question. I would say, I mean, the short answer is it’s not it’s not the it’s not the straight path. It’s definitely a bit of a winding road. But I would say the first thing is that all of the corporate work that I did, one of the core themes was product ization. So I worked with a lot of corporations. It was all about How do we take that service and get it out into the marketplace and do it in a way, where, you know, you’re not just kind of saying, Oh, well, these are a bunch of smart guys, like hire him, you know, not work with companies like fight, go work with companies, you know that, that a lot of the big big banks, a lot of the financial services firms, a lot of the software companies that, that service them, and and it was all like, Well, you know, we had some smart people around, like, why don’t you hire us kind of like dig in and figure out what’s going on. And then, you know, we’ll make you tons of money and, and even some of our software startups were that way, you know, where it’s like, well, we got a bunch of PhDs and do some statistics and math and we’ll figure it all out. And

John Corcoran 4:44

the easy way, right, we have smart people will lend our brain. Yeah, yeah,

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