[Podcast Series] Dr. Jeremy Weisz | [Start a Podcast Series] How to “Network” at Virtual Events

Dr. Jeremy Weisz is the Co-founder of Rise25 Media, a company that helps B2B business owners connect with their ideal clients, referral partners, and strategic partners through a done-for-you podcast service. Dr. Weisz has also been running his own podcast, Inspired Insider, since 2011. He has featured top entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs of companies such as P90X, Atari, Einstein Bagels, Mattel, the Orlando Magic, and many more through video interviews on his podcast.

Dr. Jeremy Weisz, podcast host and co-founder of Rise25 Media, gets interviewed by John Corcoran in this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast where they talk about how to network in virtual events. They share 5 tips that people can use before or after an event and they also explain why some of the best networks are introverts.

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Hear:

  • Dr. Jeremy Weisz’s thoughts on how to make the most out of virtual events
  • Tip #1: Research about the guests of the virtual event ahead of time
  • Tip #2: Message people in real time during the meeting
  • Tip #3: Contribute, speak up, or ask an educated question during the meeting
  • Tip #4: Show appreciation to the organizers of the event
  • Tip #5: Go deeper after the virtual meeting and deliver value to the new connections
  • How to leave an interview in a way that creates great content and deepens connections

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Episode Transcript

Intro  0:14  

Welcome to the Revolution, the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, where we ask today’s most successful entrepreneurs to share the tools and strategies they use to build relationships and connections to grow their revenue. Now, your host for the revolution, John Corcoran.

John Corcoran  0:40  

All right. Welcome, everyone. Hello, hello, greetings from beautiful Park City, Utah, that I’m with Dr. Jeremy Weisz here, we can get started in a second. I’m the host of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, where I talk with CEOs, founders, and entrepreneurs of companies and organizations like YPO, EO, Activision Blizzard, Lending tree, Open Table, X software, and many more. I’m also the co-founder of Rise25 with Dr. Weisz here. And what we do is we help connect b2b business owners to their ideal prospects. And today we’re gonna be talking about a popular topic that I think a lot of people are struggling with these days. And that is, how do you network at a virtual event? We’re recording this, of course, in mid September 2020, we had the global pandemic happening for the last six months or so and a lot of people are doing virtual events, but they’re wondering how do you build relationships? How do you connect with strategic partners? How do you connect with referral partners and all the things that you do normally when you go to a face to face event or to a conference or something like that? How do you do it in the virtual world that we live in today? So we’re going to be talking about that. 

But first, before we get into that, first of all, my guest is Dr. Jeremy Weisz. Dr. Jeremy Weisz needs no introduction. But he’s been doing his Inspired Insider Podcast for 10 years now, and even before that, he’s been advising podcasters particularly in the b2b space on how to get the most out of a podcast, how to connect with referral partners, strategic partners, how to get clients, all that kind of stuff. He really was an early leader in this space. So I’m honored to be business partners with him. And I’m honored to also interview him on this topic today, because he’s also one of the most well networked people that I know, knows a tremendous number of people and really has some great strategies. So we’re gonna get into them in a moment. But first before we do, this episode is brought to you by Rise25, which is our business helping b2b businesses to get clients, referrals and strategic partnerships with done-for-you podcasts and content marketing. And if you’re listening to this, and you’ve ever thought, should I start a podcast? Well, we absolutely say yes, there’s always Yes. No answers, always. Yes, of course.

Jeremy Weisz  2:44  

But you know what we always say that john, you know, even before it was self serving, we would say the same thing. Right? Before we even did this, we would say that exact same thing,

John Corcoran  2:53  

right? I mean, I’ve been, you know, you and I both in podcasting for about 10 years, we both started around the same time. And for about seven of those years, there was no vested interest whatsoever. And even now, I often say to people, you know, we can only serve a tiny fraction of the number of people who will start a podcast. And so first and foremost, I think we’re both evangelists for the medium. Because the medium of podcasting is an amazing emerging field. It’s growing like crazy. But also, such tremendous value has come to my life, from my friendship and business partnership with you to all their tremendous friendships and collaborations, and you name it, connections that have come from podcasting. And so that’s just why we’re crazy better. So if you have any questions, you can go to rise25media.com, you can also email [email protected]. Alright, so Dr. Weisz, the topic is how to network at a virtual event. And there are all kinds of different events, right? There are conferences, there are small little mastermind groups that have two things, there are meetings that you have within your company or externally with other types of meetings. So let’s, let’s break this down. We’ve identified five different tips, five different strategies that you should be thinking about. But let’s just start with you, first of all, you know, what are your thoughts in this virtual world that we’re living in these days? How can you make the most of virtual events?

Jeremy Weisz  4:15  

Yeah, this is a great topic because also, whether you are when we were live, I’m not saying, John, that I’m an introvert, but I am not, like needing to be the center of attention. So I’m, I wouldn’t sound like a wallflower type of person, but I just don’t, I’m more comfortable with one on one rather than a big group. So I would tend to do this stuff naturally. And the same applies to live events or virtual which is to research people in advance. Right? And so you can make your wall your world smaller when you get there. So the same applies for virtual events, research, research people in advance. And so you’ve oftentimes there’s a directory. Like if you are part of a virtual group, this could be a part, you’re part of a virtual meeting mastermind, like we know, shout out to Kevin Thompson, he runs a great virtual group, Alex neom, runs a virtual group. You know, Joe Polish runs a great group and a lot of it right now he’s virtual. And Brian Kurtz also, how do you add value to the group? And basically meet more people? Will you research ahead of time, there’s usually a directory, there’s usually a social Facebook group or some Slack channel or some kind of social channel. And if there’s not, like, you know, john, when we went to traffic conversion, you know, you can there’s channels that people are saying, Hey, who’s going and you can, you could find out who’s going,

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