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Dr. Jeremy Weisz is a serial entrepreneur, founder of his own chiropractic and massage facility in downtown Chicago, founder of a nutritional supplement business, creator of one of the top chiropractic websites, and the host of the Inspired Insider podcast.

Jeremy is also my good friend, business partner, and co-founder of our company, Rise25.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How His Grandfather’s Experiences as a Holocaust Survivor Have Impacted Jeremy’s Drive and Life
  • The Scrappy Ways Jeremy Was Able to Graduate from Chiropractic School with Almost No Debt
  • Why Jeremy Decided to Join a Year-Long Business and Sales Training Program After Chiropractic School Instead of Going Straight into the Workforce
  • How Jeremy Ended up with His Own Practice After the Training Program Kicked Him Out Due to a Loss of Funds from Investors
  • Jeremy’s Experience Building What Has Become One of the Top Chiropractic Websites
  • How That Website Led Jeremy Into Podcasting
  • What Caused Jeremy to Start a Supplement Business
  • How Jeremy Became Interested in Direct Response Marketing and Copywriting
  • The Role Live Events Have Played in the Growth of Jeremy’s Businesses
  • Jeremy Advice and Resources for Those Who Feel Podcasting Will Take Too Much Time and Effort
  • Who Jeremy Thanks for This Success

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