David Nihill | Do You Talk Funny?

David Nihill is the author of Do You Talk Funny? and the Founder of FunnyBizz which is a community, writing platform, and conference series that helps content creators access top comedic writing talent. He places a heavy emphasis on incorporating comedic storytelling into public speaking engagements and interactions with your potential customers.

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Hear:

  • Why Humor is Relevant in the Business World
  • Tips to Develop a Sense of Humor if You’re Not Naturally Funny
  • How David Used Stand-Up Comedy to Gain Public Speaking Public Speaking Skills
  • The Importance of Using Inherently Funny Words
  • Comedy is in the Details
  • How to Utilize Misdirection for a Comedic Effect
  • The Boundaries of Comedy in a Business Context
  • How to Combat Stage Fright with a Memory Palace
  • Who Does David Thank for His Success

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