051: Omar and Nicole from Business Republic | How to Validate Startup Business Ideas

startup business ideas

How do you know if a startup business idea you have is worth anything?

If you start a business on the side, how do you know if anyone will buy what you’re selling?

That’s a major question, and my latest guests, Omar and Nicole from Business Republic, are experts in validating startup business ideas.

In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution podcast, we talk about how you can validate new business ideas, as well as:

  • “the bootstrapper’s approach” to entrepreneurship, which is reflected in books like The Lean Startup.
  • the importance of community for entrepreneurs
  • how to avoid loneliness when you’re an entrepreneur
  • how to use webinars to grow your network and your income
  • how to build trusted relationships with potential clients and business partners

Omar & Nicole also have a great free video course on how to validate your business idea. So check that out.


Resources from this Episode: