How to Congratulate People in 7 Seconds Using Contactually


Such a simple word to say, and yet incredibly powerful.

When someone takes the time to say “congratulations” to you for something you did, it feels good, right?

That’s why a simple “congratulations” can be one of the greatest tools in your arsenal when you go out and want to start growing your network.

It’s simple – let’s say you read on LinkedIn that someone you know has just gotten a new job, a promotion, started a new company, or just published a book.

That’s an ideal time to send that person a short email congratulating them.

But how do you congratulate them? By sending a handwritten note?

I would ask you this: are you actually going to actually do it? I think probably not.

We all say we want to send handwritten notes, but few of us actually do it.

It’s much easier and faster to send an email; and one email actually sent will beat a handwritten note you aspire to send – but never actually do send – anyday.

So here’s a quick video on how to congratulate people in under 7 seconds using Contactually, the CRM program I use. (You can probably use a similar strategy with a different CRM program of your choice.)

If you’d like to try out Contactually, check out their 30-day free trial. If you sign up using my link, you will automatically get 10 of my free email templates added in to your account.