3 Business Lessons from the Beaches of Maui

Greetings from Maui!

I’m living and working with my family in Hawaii for the better part of a month this summer. As you can imagine, this experience was a long time coming. For a number of years we have been working towards this goal, and it took months of planning.

I’ve always loved Hawaii, and it has been a dream to come back for a longer stretch of time and be able to experience it more like a local, especially by staying in a local neighborhood and experiencing more of the islands beyond the touristy sections.

I wanted to reflect on this experience and share a few business lessons I’ve learned from my time here so far, because I think they are valuable for you.

So here they are…

1.) Mix it up.

It’s easy to get stuck in daily and weekly habits and routines and get stuck in a “rut.”

Mixing things up and making a change is a great way to gain new perspectives and generate new ideas. I certainly felt like being in Maui for almost a month helped me to generate new ideas, but you don’t need to fly off to a tropical destination to do this.

You can change your daily or weekly habits by getting out of the office in the middle of the day, working from a new coffee shop, or taking a walk. Whatever you do, take time to change up your routines and inject some new, fresh energy.

2.) Pursue What Makes You Happy

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How to Lead a Fast-Growing Business – with Bill Gallagher [video]

How do you lead a fast-growing business?

The answer, says business coach and Bill Gallagher, is you constantly have to work at it.

Leaders must be able to forge strong relationships with teams of 10, 100, 1,000 or much more as their organization grows. That becomes more difficult as the numbers increase.

Gallagher is a former jewelry business CEO and entrepreneur turned business coach, podcaster, and speaker.  He has led companies and business divisions as large as $500M in revenue.

As business leaders are growing their companies, they need to constantly be upgrading their leadership skills, much in the same way a fast-growing business needs to update its systems and software.

Gallagher says there are four core areas leaders need to work on, based on the ‘Scaling Up‘ framework (based on the book by Verne Harnish):

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How to Create New Revenue Streams in Your Business (Without Being Sleazy)

People often ask… “how can I add new revenue streams to my business… but without a ton of extra work?”

Here’s one way you can do it.

You are probably getting asked from time to time for recommendations of resources, software, books or companies.

And you probably make those recommendations frequently.

I believe if you are already making those recommendations, and it wouldn’t increase the cost of the person who is receiving those recommendations, and you disclose you are getting compensated as a referrer, then I think it is totally fair to get compensated.

After all, you have put in all the research, work, effort and testing to determine which resources deserve to be referred, so you are saving people a lot of time and headache.

Here’s a quick video explaining how this works:

How to Refer Quickly and Easily (without Feeling Sleazy) 

Here are the steps you should follow to do this.

  1. Sign up for the referral program of the resource you are recommending. It could be a software, book, company or other program. They need to have an affiliate or referral incentive program set up already.
  2. Create a short review of this resource. I do this because I find it is easier and feels less “sleazy” when someone asks you for a recommendation to refer them to the review rather than directly to an affiliate link. I also find it is more of a ‘value add’ which makes them WANT for you to get ‘credit’ for the referral.
  3. Create a short write up and insert this in text expander software. I do this because it is a huge time saver. You can create a couple of paragraphs and the links, and then all I need to do is type up a few characters and boom! All the paragraphs and links are inserted in whatever email or message I am typing. I also create ‘pretty links’ (using Pretty Link Lite plugin) so that I’m not referring the person to an ugly URL (i.e. https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=999840&u=1775845&m=61624&urllink=&afftrack=). Be sure to include a note diclosing that it is a referral link. Here’s what my copy looks like when I recommend Thinkific software:

We’re huge fans of Thinkific.

I’ve tried dozens of different online course building software options, and Thinkific is my favorite, because it is very easy to use (no coder/developer needed), fast, reliable, easy to upload different kinds of media.

They also include video hosting which is a big cost savings.

Here’s a short video review I recorded inside of our account: http://rise25.com/thinkificreview/

I love that they have a free trial so you can try before you buy.

Here’s a link to do a free trial: http://rise25.com/thinkific/

(full disclosure: that’s a referral link which doesn’t increase your cost, but I only recommend it because I love it).

4.  Each time someone asks you for a referral or recommendation, use what you just created!  It will take you just a few seconds but you will really benefit with commissions coming in over time.

How to Get More Clients Using the “Pedestal Strategy”

You ever have trouble connecting with a big client prospect?

Maybe you recently got a great lead… and you’re just wishing/hoping/praying they become a client.

But you reach out and then …. it’s nothing but crickets.

Don’t worry – we’ve all been there.

It’s not easy getting clients, especially when those clients are big, successful, and too busy to return your call or email.

But don’t despair, because there is a solution – and it’s easier than you think.

Why It Is So Hard to Connect with Prospects

Maybe your ideal client is a busy CEO.

Maybe it’s a busy HR exec.

Maybe it’s working Moms.

Doesn’t matter.

No matter who your ideal client is, they’re probably busy. Because everyone is too busy these days.

You know and I know how hard it is to get a returned email or a phone call.

Especially in today’s day and age.

I get emails every single day from readers and podcast listeners who want to know how they can connect with their prospects and get calls and emails returned.

I even give away email templates which work like magic – but the job is still hard if you don’t use the templates right. 

And it is especially hard to connect with your prospects when you are viewed as a “seller” – someone seeking to connect so that they can sell a service or a product.

It’s like everyone suddenly has “spidey sense” for people who trying to sell these days.

So how do you get through?

How do you get clients when it feels like an uphill battle just to get people to return your emails or phone calls?

Do you …

Just dial the phone again and again and again?

Do you need better “cold email” templates?

Maybe use some super ninja software?

It’s none of these things.

After a career spanning a stint as a White House Aide, a speechwriter to a Governor, 10 years as a practicing lawyer and running 3 separate multiple six figure businesses, I figured out a formula which you can use in any industry to get clients – no matter what kind of client you are pursuing.

I didn’t invent this formula, and I’m not the only one who uses it. In fact, it’s been tested millions of times. And I’ve used it throughout my career to connect with VIPs, Influencers and high level clients.

I call it “The Pedestal Strategy.”

What Is “The Pedestal Strategy”?

Let me ask you this… what if you had a strategy that could “cut through the noise,” bypass gatekeepers, grab your prospects’ attention and take you straight to talking directly with decision makers, without being salesy or forcing you to stumble over awkward small talk?

That’s the Pedestal Strategy.

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How to Use Humor in Sales | Lessons from A Standup Comic

Want to make more sales? Use humor.

Brendon Lemon is a standup comic based in Chicago who also works in a day job in sales.

In this interview, Brendon shares lessons learned from years of doing standup comedy which can be applied to make more sales. Learn how to not be a cheesey salesperson in this quick interview.

Results of the 2018 Entrepreneur Goals Survey!

Smart Business Revolution Entrepreneur Goals Survey

Drumroll please… today I am excited to reveal the results of the 2018 Smart Business Revolution/Rise25 Entrepreneur Goals Survey!

A few weeks back, we surveyed all of our subscribers to find out what YOUR goals are for the next 12 months.

Every entrepreneur knows… making and keeping goals are two separate things. It’s one thing to make goals, but following through and making them happen is a whole ‘nother matter.

So we figured it would be helpful – as well as insightful – to do a survey and find out what goals people are setting for themselves.

I’m a big believer in setting goals, and I also find reading other people’s goals can help you to set more specific and realistic goals. (You can ready my post, Year in Review 2016 & Goal Setting for 2017 here).

I wanted to do a survey and share everyone’s survey answers on this blog for a couple of reasons, including (a) posting your answers on this blog would hold you accountable to the goals you set, and (b) by sharing a link to your website with the survey results, I wanted to send more traffic to your website (which could, in turn, help you to achieve the goals you set to achieve).

Also, if you hadn’t set goals before hearing about our survey, hopefully it inspired you to take the time to set goals for yourself.

We got some really interesting results from the survey. In total, we had about 200 people fill out the survey. And I found people took it very seriously.

Here were a couple of the common themes we saw in the results:

  • Increase profit – a lot of you said you were hoping to make your business more profitable in 2018.
  • Make your business more scaleable – many answers focused on things you wanted to do to make your business more scaleable, like finally get a website launched or revamped, launch an online course, or publish a book.
  • Make a difference – I was really pleased how many of you focused your goals on helping others rather than focusing 100% of yourselves. I’m a big believer when you focused on helping others, it will come back to benefit you.

So, without any further ado, here are the results of our survey.

And here is to YOU achieving your goals in 2018!

P.S. whether you filled out the survey or not, would you share this post? You can share it in two seconds here. If everyone shares this post, it will help the entire community to benefit and to achieve their goals. A win-win-win. : )

P.P.S. One of MY big goals for 2018 is to help more of you to achieve your goals. We’ll be hosting a small group Intensive in late January in San Francisco where the goal is to help you to increase your revenue and create a more scaleable business. Learn more here.

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What is your name?
What is the name of your business?
What is your #1 goal for 2018?
Ralph Chapman
I want to help even more companies fill critical HR roles than I did last year.
Bruce D Helmbrecht
To service my customers to the best of my ability , and to meet thier needs accordingly
Heike Ziegler
Launch and establish new mobile automated platform marketzoom4brands
Karen M. Ricks
My #1 goal for 2018 is to publish my second book, all about food, non-traditional education, and our family's world travels!
Pravin Singh
To impact 1,000 growing companies in data analytics by using my packaged products and services. Impact is measured by an engagement with >50$ of money exchange and by a certain feedback score of the clients.
Michele A. Barard
Pivot toward more coaching and training
John Lombard
Secure three corporate clients for The Language of Culture
Anthony R Joiner
Focus more on my brand story. Ive spent the last 2 years building my clients digital brand, now my time.
Sue Dunlevie
My top goal for 2018 is to work smarter, not harder. We hear this a lot, right? But I have specifics that I'm going to follow - only checking email 3 times a day, spending 2 "golden hours" creating content for my blog and programs. I'm excited for the new year!
Delon Delafosse
My number one goal for 2018 is to master being able to make money from creating a youtube channel
Tony Miller
Hiring and growing my team, perfecting our work processes
Marjorie Turner Hollman
Connecting with clients who need help writing/publishing their next book, business-oriented or family stories.
Karen Partridge
Our biggest goal is to keep our clients happy by continuing to help them meet their business and community impact goals.
Michael H Corcoran, Ph.D.
To be more productive in developing and providing useful and timely information to all in my niche
Susan Robertson
To create a revenue stream that takes less personal time. I expect that will be an online course.
April Richmond
Substantially increase our number corporate clients and decrease the number of events we host for the public
Diane H Spadola
To launch a successful 6 month small group coaching business booster class for face and body artists.
Stuart McAleese
To grow my business within my niche and add additional revenue streams
Lauree Ostrofsky
Help more women grow smarter, faster, stronger together because we do business differently
Michelle Kingsbury
To provide innovative shipping solutions to Big Pharma & CPGs driving value thru their supply chains and filling a cost savings need.
Mari-Lyn Harris
To expand Sedona Pies with packages to serve my customers better
Julia Kelly
$12,500 MRR
Justin Krane
To be intentional with my time and energy.
Kristi Brown
I am striving to streamline my business processes and systems. I want to build a self-managing company that operates seamlessly while doubling in size in the next 12 months.
Steven Daar
Build a process that consistently generates qualified inbound leads for the business (instead of relying on referrals & manual outbound lead generation)
Christie Garcia
To build and execute my vision for The Manifesto.
Jeremy Montoya
7 figures from my marketing agency, 6 figures from my personal brand
DB Bedford
To raise awareness on the importance of Emotional Intelligence
Nora Profit
To increase The Writing Loft's exposure through national creative writing seminars and workshops.
John Himics
More leads every month
Vaibhav Gupta
Generate revenue worth 500K USD
Rob Washington
Complete our utility "cash machine", leveraging our processes to create wealth time and
Thomas Schmitt
Build to 7 figure revenue
Horace T Bone
I would like to quadruple my monthly client base from 1-2 to 3-5/month.
Emilia Sabatowska
Our #1 goal is to become more visible in our community by offering free or low cost programs that help us reach potential new clients.
Jess Ostroff
I put my blood, sweat, and tears into writing a book in 2017, so my goal for 2018 is for it to be a success. I hope to sell some copies of course, but also build up my reputation as a leader in the virtual assistant industry.
Matt Inglot
To grow sales of my Freelance Start online course and email list.
K Bransen
Launch at least two more niche services that bring in +$25k/mo additional net income.
Stephen Goldberg
Expand reach more nationally to get better paying commissions.
Randolph West
Getting customers to sign up for my database health check subscription
Jordone Massey
I have a book, I Believe in God, Now What? which shares my testimony of overcoming addiction, depression, promiscuity, and a suicidal attempt. The book has helped a lot of people, especially teen girls and women, to overcome their struggles and pursue Christ. I'd love to see the book on the NY times bestsellers list so that it can help more people.
Alisa Blum
Get steady work throughout the year
Justin Herring
More qualified leads on a daily basis calling or scheduling a time to talk.
Ashraf Darwish
Build my first successiful Smart IoT broduct
Ryan McRae
Get to 5,000 email subscribers by December 31st, 2018.
Bill McCormick
To launch my LinkedIn Video tutorial by March 1st
Alan K. Hauser
Continue to gain traction with new accounts.
John Price
To find a way to use the new A.I. / bot technology yet still keep the close connection to our customers.
Jennifer Ledwith
Developing systems for my business
Alan K. Hauser
Promote precision medicine as the future of healthcare
Cynthia Scollard
To have 10,000 customers purchase our Murder and Mayhem Murder Mystery Quilt 2018.
Mark Alan Effinger
To Elegantly Optimize my Success Rhythm, doing significantly more with less.
Dennyse Kerr
I am a piano teacher, health coach and network marketer. I believe that it gives me a unique perspective into people's behavior.
Larry Stevens
To help the medical device industry manage the hurdles of FDA with a guaranteed successful outcome
Charles Harris
I will become a certified Stuck Breakthrough Strategies business advisor
Rob Rappaport
To create as many automated systems in every area of my life.
Brian Jowers
Signicantly increase subscriber list
Kimberly Weitkamp
Helo more companies increase sales and lifetime customer value with direct-response marketing techniques.
Allan Thomas
CONSISTENT lead generation.
Gary Patterson
Being a resource for 100 best in business niche experts (better and cheaper than current sources) for your next client pain point, challenge or problem.
Beth Anne Jackson
My #1 goal in 2018 is to expand my health law expertise to include the emerging field of medical marijuana compliance in Pennsylvania.
Jun Fu
I want to increase my customers upto 800 students in 2018.
Dave Bird
Help more than 100 runners achieve their fastest ever marathon time!
Jayne Latz
Speak, present and inspire more audiences in 2018 than in 2017 on the topic on the Communicating with greater power, purpose and impact
Nanci Nicole W
To be considered for an important humanitarian work, ie. with journalist Nicholas Kristof
Kim Sutton
Launching my group coaching program
Have incomes from an administrative role in transforming organization through analytics and digital technology
Russell Warren Kukla
To Be Known For Creating Real Change In America's K-12 Education
Johanna Fassbender
Grow my business so I can do the work fulltime.
Denise Brosseau
Launch a top notch online class on thought leadership with LinkedIn Learning
Shawn Spaulding
Our goal is to increase web traffic, web leads, and web conversions from local online visibility.
J.R. (short for James Reid)
1 million in revenue
Julia Kollek
Inviting clients to view the value of the services I offer them (not the hours) and switching to packages to encompass a range of options.
Annesa L Lacey
QUALIFIED lead attraction.
2x Revenue from 2017
Jeanine Lett
Strategic action via epic collaborations with other small business owners.
Margaret Bohannnon-Kaplan
I'd like to write another book
Pam Vredevelt
Launch a new online course for women who have suffered a miscarriage, stillbirth, or the loss of a baby. My goal is to lead them on a proven path back to emotional freedom, vibrant confidence, and spiritual renewal
Alec Bell (or ZanderGee)
My website has 3 sections; Personal development, business development for small "local" business and online entrepreneurs, (plr etc.) My main goal for 2018 is to show how they are, or can be, inter-related.
John Burget
Build my project finance consulting to a viable monthly income.
Aaron Sanders
To assist current and small business owners how to get approved for a business or real estate loan regardless of credit
Alex Shmulsky
I would like to expand my client base. So that i can help more people and make more money.
Dr. Pat Madden
To enable writers to become more effective, persuasive, interesting, and intelligent communicators.
Frank Taylor
To help the unfortunte who suffer from chemical dependechy male/females. our goal is saving lives.
I would like to see more happy faces and satisfied clients.
Bill Henson
My # 1 goal is to triple my business by the end of 2018. I currently have 3 and myself as full time 107 pilots ( Drone pilots ), I would like to have at least 9 by the end of 2018, witch is very duable, with a lot of hard work.
Shel Horowitz
Landing clients who see the business case in creating/marketing profitable products and services that fix hunger, poverty, war, catastrophic climate change, etc.
Mervin Yeo
Start new introverts communities in 2 more cities in South East Asia.
Noel Gama
Specialise in White papers and e-books
Roger C. Parker
To increase conversions, I will replace my current website with one easier to navigate, mobile-friendly, distraction-free, minimalist design and SEO-optimized blog posts.
Marcellinus Nkpozi
My blog bringing in 6 figure income and publishing 5 -10 research articles in scientific journals.
Ronda Bowen
My number 1 goal for 2018 is to have all of my businesses launced
April Prescott
To establish paid gigs for my mindfulness business and re-pitch to Gary Vaynerchuk.
expand & get new customer.
Brian Hahn
Maintain or increase revenue from 2017
Attah Ezekiel Abah Jimmy
To give customers the best products for the best prices in 2018. Also to educate them on best product qualities.
Tufail Ali
Straighten out my financial affairs and expand sales
Adam Franklin
To release 2 new products that contribute to my body of work
Julia Wojnar
Growing revenues by helping more business owners become the speakers they dream of.
Terry Bahat ( Ms. )
My passion and vision is to coach / train 10,000 tired, stressed, overwhelmed, overweight, 40+ women be healthier, fitter, stronger in body and mind, with tons more energy and confidence. As a Mind/ Body Fitness Coach I use my 7 years of coaching in the Israeli army and my extensive experience to ensure women's health 7 fitness journey is Simple, Do-able, Fun...and it all starts in the...Mind.
Oscar Emetuei
Increase my brand influence and monthly earning revenues to 6 digits figures
Joe Connolly
Exceed my 2017 revenue total without working 7 days a week
Kurt Moeri
sell sugar Icumsa 45 Brazil
Craig Melby
Find a way to market my service better. People who find me love me. Most don't know me.
Charles Harris
To publish my second novel - a psychological chiller "The Forgetting of Ross Blackleigh"
Erica Waasdorp
Writing my second book on monthly giving.
Violeta Stoynova
I want to grow my skin care business and reach out to other estethicians and cosmetologists to private label my products.
Divya Parekh
Build strong partnerships to learn and grow our business together
Jim Robinson
My #1 goal for 2018 is to increase revenue by 20%+ by conducting monthly "boardroom" seminars with my ideal prospects.
Brooke Patterson
Our #1 Goal for 2018 is to guide 100 clients on the path to success with our new marketing coaching program for service based small businesses, launching in January.
Katie Albers
Consult with start ups to bring them the strategic and business benefits of UX
Increase my revenue by at least 30% over 2017, and continue to niche down my service offering.
Khierstyn Ross
My #1 goal for 2018 is to successfully rebrand myself as a Product Launch Strategist and pivot bigger than crowdfunding
Evelyn Fannin
To create a cooperative business using Cool Tools Math courses to help many children become Math Whizzes.
Mahenoor S
My number one goal for 2018 is to be recognized as a renowned blogger in my field.
Carole Gillespie
Translating IP into online services such as online courses /webinars
Stacey Cox Giovanni
Using my Life Coaching training to help as many people as I can reach their true potential and goals.
Brian T. Edmondson
Make more, give more, and make a difference.
Laura L. Dawson
Restore consistent flow of income in excess of costs in our medical and alternative energy projects.
Becky Berry
Harness my marketing and networking to triple the number of people Inwork with face-to-face.
Mia N Hall
Grow my Business to Increase Profits
Sherimane Johnson
My #1 goal has two parts, increase revenue by 50% while contributing to my community.
Laurence Winter
To advise busIness that from October, 2017, Google started warning their Chrome browser users about accessing websites, which do not encrypt data going from the website files to the browser making their websites appear insecure
Laurence Winter
I am looking to connect with professionals and business owners within the Latin Eurasia marketplace who want to grow, scale, participate and take advantage of the greatest intercontinental and infrastructure projects currently in progress and projected
Benny Higginbotham
get on the web
Ryan Douglas
Focus more on my 80/20. Double-down on what's working and ignore the rest.
Catherine Laub
My goal is to help as many people as I can to overcome the struggles of having a mental illness.
Jeffrey Brewer
Grow my customer base from 75 to 500 monthly paying customers
Michael Corcoran
Redirect appropriate marketing strategies for my niche to include active social media presence
Brian Wood
As a fairly recent company (in business less than 6 months), my primary goal is to gain clients in need of my services.
Establish dependable referral and lead gen streams
Kwame Watkins
To add 25 new clients is our company's goal for 2018.
Salomi Odendaal
My goal is to keep learning and improve my writing. I need to do this to deliver the best possible service to clients.
Felipe Adaime
To keep rendering top quality services to my clients
Teresa Almeida d'Eca
My goal is to have my pronunciation e-dictionary, From Portuguese to English: Pronunciation Made Easy, promoted as widely and successfully as possible
Neil W. Tyra
To monetize more fully my otherwise successful podcast - The Law Entrepreneur.
Scott Florin
Diversify consumer law practices areas.
Richard K. Peck
Continue firm growth and expand into additional consumer law practices areas.
Kyle Heebner
Improve our margins/improve the health of our company
Wayne Gurley
To raise $300,000 in front money for development of a new theatrical musical.
Melanie Thom
To maintain worklife balance
Irena Mykyta
Optimize my practice by maximal use of technology and finding ways to reduce overhead
Increase revenue while maintaining quality work/ life balance.
Dale Abrams
Double our December 2017 net, on average, for all 12 months of 2018
Todd Martinkovic
Building a marketing plan that results in 1000% growth over 2017
Pamela Lewerenz
Continue to grow my business by focusing on getting known as an expert in my field and expanding mentoring courses
Joshua Johnson
Continue to prove that immigration doesn't have to be the 3rd most stressful event in a person's life. And, increase our bottom line by 300%
Casey Sullivan
At Bookafy we are working to get to 20,000 customers around the world to use our free Online Appointment Booking software by the end of 2018.
Zvi Band
Ramp up my own branding and speaking as we prepare for a book launch in 2019!
Lumus Vick
Book 30 Events at the BEC PLEX Event Center. We plan to open February 01, 2018. To help make every client's event the most memorable celebration ever.
Carloyn George, MD
To maximize the effectiveness of our office to help patients realize their goals through strategic implementation of a health coach and our support staff.
Alicia Ann Berberich
To sell out all of the Women’s Marketing Luncheon events throughout 2018.
Niklas Goeke
My #1 goal for 2018 is to make a full-time living from writing and push towards a world where others can do the same.
Jon Schumacher
Build a power network of connections.
Melissa Smith
Successfully launch my second book, "Become A Successful Virtual Assistant"
David Musgrave
To launch my new book ‘Take Charge of your Happiness, Bellyfat and Sexiness – A Busy Woman’s Route to Wellness’ onto the global market, with associated products.
MaryAnn Davison
Refine my message of the importance of developing resilience and confidence in children and teens and get that message to the right people.
Kath Trout
Get my website up and functioning as part of my overall marketing strategy to increase our exposure.
to create more online products for my customers
Jamie Wallace
Do a great job for new clients
Jack Belton
provde increase in loan applications and increase net working
Mrs. Shahida Karimullah
To invest time in motivational change tobecome indepedent on taking responsibility doing things themselves
To find joy in my work.
Shawn Bezzant
Accelerate profitable growth across all segments of our business
Brian Hazelwood
Increase my Gross Margin above 85% and add at 1 attraction and upgrade 1
Brian D'Agostine
To create an experience project that will bring others into the joy of LEGO
to increse the sales and get more business
Sergio Ochoa
Launch my first product and match the income I was making from my corporate job
Dawn Strachan
To find 12 brand associates for Starr Tutoring who will own their own tutoring business with our branding and support
Darlene Susco
Build a Creative Parking Lot (Evernote). Take 5 or 10 minutes to write down (or record) moments of inspiration and new ideas as they occur.
Dr Marty Freihaut
To make a difference in the quality of life for those I serve one patient at a time.
Kathy Russell
My #1 goal for 2018 is to generate $15000 dollars from my website.
Richelle Futch
Get my invention to market
Shelley Pittman
Getting my new website up and running.
Wendy Arendse
Kids Empire
To start my own coaching practice for kids
Working Smarter
Cheryl Smith
To reach more people through a larger list, through speaking engagements and in coaching.
Mimika Cooney
To help unlock women's potential by launching a foundation, publishing a book & building a software program.
Tina Patterson
gross six figures in my law practice business
Jamie Mason Cohen
Do 33 Paid Corporate Keynotes as a Leadership & Performance Expert at my full rate and Create Collaborative Relationships-Workshops built from the Product Ladder Blueprint
Jerry Osheroff
Test and monetize a scalable solution for analyzing and improving healthcare delivery processes.
Brett Matheson
Expand my client base
Cara Lyn Greco
Develop a communication and conflict resolution skills development practice for my clients.
increase profitability margins, grow membership sales
Yvonne Garris
I have realized how lacking I am with my follow through, so my #1 goal and “word” for the year is Take Action!
Margaret Wright
3 clients who want to use technology projects to dramatically improve their customers' experience and enrich their people's skills and lives not just make money
Get regular and steady income stream to start replacing my 9-5
Gayle C Fowler
My goal is to implement a business digital marketing plan that includes social media activity, website enhancement and creating a blog.
Bala Subramanian
Get Humanity to Accept and Use AI as frequently as their Automobiles
Kelley Nielsen
Build both a business and a personal social network
Mark Di Somma
To work on problems that really fascinate me and to find wonderful answers that I am truly proud of.