Charlene Li | How a Disruption Mindset Can Help Your Business Thrive

One of the biggest dangers of running a business is becoming stagnant in a world which can change in the blink of an eye.

The right kind of mindset is needed to know when a fresh perspective is needed within a company. It is the key to maintaining success.

It’s a mindset that needs to place willingness to change and disrupt oneself front and center.

Charlene Li has literally written the book on how to develop that Disruption Mindset.

Charlene is the Founder and Senior Fellow at Altimeter, a consulting company which helps companies thrive through self-disruption. She is the author of six books including her newest, The Disruption Mindset, as well as the New York Times best-selling book Open Leadership.

In this episode, John sits down with Charlene to discuss her new book, why companies need to disrupt themselves, and some companies around today who live the disruption mindset…and some that don’t.

In this episode, we also talk about:

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  • Some Examples of Disruptive Companies and Companies Who Disrupt Themselves
  • Some Examples of Companies Who Failed to Disrupt Themselves
  • Why Companies Need to “Disrupt or Die”
  • The Example of Adobe: Going Against Trends to Serve Future Customers
  • Disruptive Companies Need a Customer-Focused Strategy and the Right Kind of Employee
  • The Example of T-Mobile: Re-Branding Themselves With a Customer Focus
  • Being Disruptive Means Creating a Movement
  • Living in a World of Flux: it is Essential to Be Flexible and Empower Employees to Have Agency in a Business
  • Altimeter, Charlene’s Disruptive Analyst Firm
  • Why Charlene Decided to Change From a Subscription Model to Offering Her Service for Free
  • Why You Should Try to Find New and Different Ways to Serve the Customer
  • The Modern Landscape of Business With Influencers, Analysts, Consultants, and Analyst Companies
  • ABR: Always Be Researching
  • The Process that Altimeter Follows
  • Utilizing Organizations Like YPO
  • How to Change and Improve the Culture of a Company
  • The Successes and Eccentricities of Elon Musk
  • Who Charlene Thanks For Her Success

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Episode Transcript

John Corcoran 0:40
Alright, welcome everyone. My guest is Charlene Li, and she’s the best selling author of six books, including the New York Times bestseller, open leadership and also co author of the critically acclaimed book groundswell her latest book is the disruption mindset, which is being published in August of 2019. recording this a couple of months before it comes out. So got a preview of it, which is really cool. And we’re going to be talking about some of these, you know, important concepts that are really driving in affecting our economy today that disruptive businesses that are you know, everyone’s talking about, everyone’s focused on that are really changing things in our economy, and this episode is actually brought to you by rise revived media, which is the boutique marketing agency I co founded with my business partner, Dr. Jeremy Weiss in 2015. With the mission of helping to connect more businesses with their best referral partners, and customers rise 25 Media connects your ideal prospects, referral partners and strategic partners, using our done few services and done for you b2b podcasts. It’s part of our larger mission to make the world a smaller place by connecting business owners and business professionals to the people that they love to work with. So to learn more, go to rise 25 dot com, you can book a call with us at rise 25 dot com slash call. And as I said, My guest Charlene for the best, you know, two decades has been helping people to really see the future. That’s what she does. And she’s written six best selling books. As I mentioned, she’s also an entrepreneur, founder and senior fellow at altimeter, which is a disruptive analyst firm that was acquired in 2015 by profit. And she speaks all over the globe. She has been on 60 minutes PBS NewsHour, ABC News, NBC, CNBC, all kinds of different places. And, you know, Charlene, thanks so much for being here. And this is really a timely book, considering you know, you and I were literally right across the bay from each other. Hi, I’m in, in in Marin, and you’re over in San Francisco. San Francisco is Silicon Valley is the heart of disruption. Right? We love disruptive companies. Uber’s from here, Facebook’s from here, Google’s from here. We’re surrounded by it. Why is this a relevant topic that you chose to write about? Now?

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