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Growth and transition in one’s career and personal life can be a very healthy and rewarding experience. It isn’t always an easy thing to accomplish and takes a determination which not everyone has.

Candice Galek makes it look easy. After establishing and maintaining a successful career as a model, she decided to grow as an entrepreneur into the eCommerce sphere and build a company from the ground up. Five years later, she has become one of the top influencers on the LinkedIn platform while overcoming prejudice and developing a socially-conscious brand with a large following.

A model-turned-entrepreneur, Candice Galek is a self-taught successful entrepreneur. After her LinkedIn profile went viral and became the most viewed in the world, she has gone on to be featured in Forbes’ “30 Under 30” and now has an INC column where she interviews influential business leaders.

In this episode, Candice Galek joins John to discuss her story, what made her want to be an entrepreneur, and why she wants to help the bee colonies in Puerto Rico.

In this episode, we also talk about:

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  • Why Candice Decided to Grow From Being a Fashion Model to an eCommerce Juggernaut
  • How Candice Leveraged Her Prior Business Connections When She Began Her New Business Journey
  • The Dangers of Sourcing Products From China
  • The Difficult Transition Between Careers
  • The Steep Learning Curve of Starting a New Venture, and Why it Helps to Have Mentors
  • How Candice Found Her Mentor
  • Why Candice Chose to Focus on LinkedIn
  • The Controversy Which Candice was a Part of on LinkedIn
  • How LinkedIn Was an Integral Part of Candice’s Rise
  • The Socially Conscious Mission of Bikini Luxe: Bee Colony Collapse in Puerto Rico, and How to Help the Island Recover
  • Store-Bought Honey versus
  • Who Candance Thanks For Her Success

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