Tony Grebmeier | How to Recover from Addiction & Build a 8-Figure Business

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Tony Grebmeier is the Co-Founder of ShipOffers; an eight-figure product sourcing, fulfillment, and strategy business that shipped over 1.5 million packages in 2017.

By the time Tony was 18 he’d already had 16 jobs and that drive is still in him today. It allowed Tony to overcome his additions to drugs and alcohol and grow his business by as much as 600% in a single year.

In this episode, we also talk about:

  • What Rock Bottom Looked Like for Tony after Becoming Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol
  • How Tony had 16 Different Jobs by the Age of 18
  • Why We Need to Stay Connected with People Especially When They’re Going Through a Difficult Time
  • How Tony Went from Not Speaking Until He was Four to Having Three Radio Shows at a Young Age
  • The Mindset That’s Allowed Tony to Being Successful in Both His Personal and Professional Lives
  • How Tony Launched His First Online Business Back in 1996
  • Why the Dot Com Bubble Burst Cost Tony Several Million Dollars
  • What Led to Tony’s Drug and Alcohol Addiction?
  • Why didn’t Tony seek out Orlando drug rehabilitation?
  • The Balance Tony’s Found Between Always Looking for the Next Thing and Keeping His Business Stable
  • How William Shatner Inadvertently Turned Tony’s Business Around after He Almost Closed the Doors
  • Who Tony Thanks for His Continued Success

Sponsor: Rise25

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We are building a community of entrepreneurs who realize the world and economy is changing and who want to work smarter than trading time for money so they can scale up their business and spend time doing what they love.

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