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Sean Platt is the Co-Founder of Sterling and Stone; a boutique publishing company that has published over 100 books since 2011. Sean has also owned a floral shop empire and a preschool, and he is currently also an author and podcaster for countless projects of his own.

In this episode, we’re diving in deep into Sean’s world of boutique publishing and so much more!

In this episode, we also talk about:

  • Should You Try to Publish a Book or Podcast with All the Competition That Currently Exists?
  • How a Flower Shop Was Responsible for Sean’s Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • What Running a Failing Floral Empire Taught Sean About Being Successful in Business
  • How a Team of a Dozen Writers Tackle Projects for Sean’s Publishing Business
  • How Sean Can Tell What Types of Books Are Going to Sell
  • The Three Main Areas Where Authors Fail
  • Why Sean Believes Fifty Shades of Grey Has Done Well Even Though It’s Not the Most Well Written Book
  • Sean’s Process for Writing a Book with His Team
  • Why Sean Created Stories to Go Instead of an Online Course
  • Why You Shouldn’t Write a Book If Your Goal Is to Make Money
  • Sean’s Tips for Creating Great Product Descriptions and Covers
  • How Sean Clawed His Way Out of Only Making $5 per Piece When He First Started Writing
  • How Sean’s Competition Became His Business Partner
  • Why Sean Became a Podcaster and Now Says Most People Shouldn’t Get into Podcasting
  • Who Sean Thanks for His Success

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