008: Andrew Warner of Mixergy.com | How to Bootstrapped a $38 Million/Year Business

smart business revolution podcast, entrepreneurship, small business, entrepreneurIf you try hard enough, you can make a business out of just about anything. Andrew Warner created a successful business grounded in his ability to ask great questions.

Andrew created a website called Mixergy.com which began with video interviews of startup entrepreneurs. Mixery has since branched out in to providing instructional courses on how to do everything from write good copy to automating sales to landing paying customers.

Andrew developed Mixergy after growing his first dot com-era company, which sold online greeting cards among other things, to $38?million a year in revenue.

For many startup entrepreneurs, landing an interview on Mixergy is the Holy Grail. These CEOs dream of doing an interview with Andrew just like starlets once dreamed of being interviewed by Oprah.

But Mixergy didn?t start out with the goal of turning video interviews with entrepreneurs in to a business model. And that’s not where it ends. Andrew explains in the interview how our greatest successes can come from learning by our mistakes – and how it has shaped his business.

In this interview for Podcast episode Number 8, Andrew and I talked about:andrew warner, mixergy, startup interviews, founder interviews, startup tv show,

  • The billion dollar lottery giveaway (that’s billion with a “B”) that helped made Andrew?s first company, Bradford & Reed, a success
  • Why Andrew believes entrepreneurial creativity should be encouraged from an early age, particularly in schools
  • When it might be important to take some time off and the benefits of having interests outside of work
  • How to start off in business by researching what others have done
  • How Andrew got a successful author and entrepreneur to work with him when he was a total unknown
  • The major mistake Andrew made when he founded Mixergy
  • How forcing yourself into repetition makes you better at what you do in business
  • The importance of making connections rather than being a passive viewer


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