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Naveen Dittakavi Smart Business Revolution John Corcoran

rsz_smart_business_revolution_podcast_artwork_redNaveen Dittakavi is a software engineer who, after gaining incredible access to Ramit Sethi, grew his business to the point where he could barely keep up. It was at this point that he realized, like most entrepreneurs, he was tired of trading his time for money.

Naveen began to change the way he thought about his relationship with his clients and started to focus more on recurring revenue instead of one-off projects. Now, he teaches other software developers how to do the same.

In this episode, we also talk about:

  • How Naveen First Learned to Approach Potential Clients
  • How Naveen Got “Holy Grail Access” to Ramit Sethi
  • The Realization That Increased Naveen’s Business by 5x in One Year
  • Why You Need to Be Fully Prepared to Achieve Your Goals
  • Why Naveen Conducted One-On-One Coaching Before Creating an Online Course
  • How Naveen Was Able to Successfully Switch to a Recurring Revenue Model
  • Who Naveen Thanks for His Success

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