Mike Manoske | From Brain Tumor Survivor to Wharton & Forbes Thought Leader

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Mike Manoske has been a recruiter and talent acquisition around Silicon Valley, hiring almost 1,000 people. He’s also been a contributor to Forbes Coaches Counsel and founded a successful e-commerce company.

Mike is now a certified coach and for many years has been involved in Career Services for the Wharton Executive MBA program in San Francisco. He is also co-authoring a book with Steve Hernandez, Director of Career Advancement at Wharton, about job and career search. It’s that topic we’ll be discussing on the show today.

 In this episode we discuss:

  • The Health Scare that Changed Mike’s Life
  • Why Mike Transitioned from Talent Acquisition to Coach
  • Why Mike Left the Nursing Career Path to Follow One in Tech and the World of Start-ups
  • How Mike Recruited People Before LinkedIn
  • How Mike Recruited for Roles in Industries Where He Didn’t Have Much Technical Knowledge
  • The Story of How Mike Turned a Time-Share Hobby into a Full-Time Business
  • The Reason Mike Went Back Intro Recruiting After Selling Components of His Successful Online Business
  • How Mike and His Wife Made Running a Business Together Work for them as a Couple
  • Mike’s Approach to Finding a Good Work-Life Balance
  • Mike’s Advice on How to Decide if the Company You’re Considering Working or Partnering with is a Good Fit
  • Mike’s Thoughts on What Makes a Great Leader
  • Who Mike Thanks for His Success

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