066: Jayson Gaignard of Mastermind Talks | From High School Dropout to 7-Figure Business

Jayson Gaignard of Mastermind Talks

Imagine going from a high school dropout to running a $6-7 million per year business… then letting that business fail because it doesn’t inspire you.

My guest on this episode, Jayson Gaignard, can tell you what that’s like.

About two years ago, Jayson hit rock bottom.

His previously thriving business was failing, he was 70 lbs overweight, he had a quarter of a million in personal debt, and he was very, very depressed.

In the midst of that depression he launched a completely unknown brand-new conference called Mastermind Talks by spending another $80,000 (on top of the $250K in person debt he already had, mind you) even though he had almost no money coming in at the time.

In this episode of the Smart Business Revolution podcast, Jayson shares:

  • Why he spent $10,000 to attend a two-day conference and how he turned that investment into $240,000 in revenue for his business
  • Why he spent $84,000 when he already had $250,000 in personal debt and how it launched a new business (it’s an amazing story)
  • How his wife found out about the $84,000 : )
  • How he got bestselling author Tim Ferriss to commit to attending a completely unknown conference in Toronto, Canada
  • How to change your relationships if you find yourself in a peer group that does not support what you want to do

This is one of the best interviews I?ve done to date. Jayson fills it with brilliant takeaways about how to build a thriving network of peers you admire and to use that as a catalyst to drive your business.


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