Guy Kawasaki | From Hawaii to Apple, to Canva and Beyond

Most people would not be brave enough to speak their mind in front of Steve Jobs.

Guy Kawasaki is not most people.

Guy is an entrepreneur and prolific author, as well as the Chief Evangelist for Canva. He has written fifteen books, and is the brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz. 

This week John is joined by Guy Kawasaki for the second time, this time to share stories in his new book Wise Guy: Lessons from a Life, including stories about growing up in Hawaii, his time at Apple, and why he is proud to work with Canva. 

In this episode, we also talk about:

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  • How Guy Grew Up in Hawaii, and His Education
  • The Racial Demographics are Different in Hawaii
  • The Influence of Books on Guy’s Life
  • Guy’s Two Weeks of Law School
  • How Guy Came to Work at Apple
  • What Guy Learned From His Time in the Jewelry Business
  • What is Was Like Working for Steve Jobs
  • How He Passed the “Steve Jobs Test”
  • Where Apple Can Go From Here
  • How Guy Came to Work With Canva
  • Who Guy Thanks for His Success

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Episode Transcript

John Corcoran  0:40  

Alright welcome everybody. My guest on this show back for a second time is Guy Kawasaki, and I’m so excited to have guy on because guy, you are the most amazing author of the series of books Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and I’m just kidding. Just kidding. He makes a big deal in the book about how he’s been confused a couple times with Robert Kiyosaki. You even have a picture in the book of you with Robert Kiyosaki which I have to say you look nothing like it but guys, the author of the new book, wise guy, which is his most personal book, yet we’ll get to it all kinds of great stories from his life about his from his upbringing in Hawaii to his time on Apple’s Macintosh team in the 1980s to today a chief evangelist of Canvas but first before we dive into this interview, this podcast is brought to you by rise 25 media which is our done for you agency focused on helping b2b businesses to get more clients referral partners and strategic partner strategic partners through a done for you podcast and done for you content marketing, and lead generation and I personally been podcasting for over eight years, my business partner as well. And we both say the podcast is one of the best things that we’ve done in our lives. But our bigger mission with rise 25 is to make the world a smaller place by helping create connections helping connect more entrepreneurs and business owners with the ideal prospects and we’re

partners so they love to work with. It’s even in our name, rise 25, which was inspired by the term rising tide lifts all boats, which guy actually uses in his book. So it was really cool to see that. So if you want to learn more about it, go visit us at rise 25 dot com. And as I mentioned, my guests on this podcast is Guy Kawasaki gave him a little bit of a hard time there at the beginning about Rich Dad, Poor Dad, but a big thank you to our mutual friend, Susan Rowan for putting us back in touch. And so guy, wise guy, it’s not an autobiography, you say but you share a lot of your stories from your life. You’ve written 14 books. Why write this book now? 

Guy Kawasaki 

Because I got a big advance

John Corcoran  2:40  

There you go.

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