050: Noah Kagan of AppSumo | How to Overcome Personal Failure

rsz_smart_business_revolution_podcast_artwork_redYou might think Noah Kagan has the magic touch, right?

Employee #30 at Facebook.com. Employee #4 at Mint.com, which was later sold for $150 million.

Founder of not one but two multi-million dollar companies before he turned 30. Including Gambit and now AppSumo.

But the truth is, with much success often comes setbacks and failures.

For this episode #50 of the Smart Business Revolution podcast, I invited Noah Kagan – a well recognized authority in building a fast-growing and lean business – to come talk to me about how to conquer personal failure.

Noah KaganWhat resulted was a very candid discussion. You’re going to see a side of Noah Kagan you might not have seen before.

And you may learn a few practical tips about how to deal with failure in your own life.


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