090: Mandi Ellefson | How to Get Back 20 Hours Per Month


OK let’s imagine you’re 8 years old…

And it’s Saturday morning after a long week. You’re tired, you’re ready to sleep in.

Then your Dad wakes you up to do chores.

Not just any chores. He has a checklist. For you how clean the bathroom. How you clean the kitchen. You have to initial that you completed each step of the way.

Sounds like a nightmare to me, but for Mandi Ellefson, it was an inspiration.

Mandi grew up in a home where her father ran a tight ship just like I described.

She grew up with 6 siblings and so her father created a system by necessity. They needed to be organized and so they ran the family like a well-oiled machine.

Today Mandi does for entrepreneurs what her father did for her. She systemizes their businesses so they run better and get managing their business out of the way so they can focus on what they do best.

Mandi helps entrepreneurs get time back so they can have more free time and grow their business, increase their revenue and income.

You know, nearly every person who listens to this podcast or reads my blog struggles with time management and productivity.

In this episode, Mandi shares some real actionable tips for how you can get back 20 hours of time per month. I think you’ll find there’s some great advice in here.

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