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We can all agree on one thing, right? Traditional book publishing is dead.

Or maybe not.

If you think the Amazon Kindle and digital books are going to kill off all traditional book publishers, you need to listen to this episode of the Smart Business Revolution podcast.

But first: what does publishing a book have to do with building relationships?

I focus on interviewing successful entrepreneurs about how they got to their level of success through the lens of relationships.

I’ve covered a lot of topics from face to face networking to creating your own conference, to body language, to using social media tools like Facebook, or LinkedIn ? all in the name of growing your relationships, your network and growing your income.

I cover all of these topics to help show you how you can grow better relationships, with more people who matter, faster, in today’s digital world.

Now one topic I’ve touched on a couple of times is publishing a book.

Publishing your own book is an amazing tool for building relationships in today’s digital world. (Click to tweet)

How? When you publish a book, you are building relationships with everyone who reads your book.

When people read your book, they get to know you better. They hear your voice. They get to know your personality.

Just ask anyone who has read a book by Jon Krakuer or Bill Bryson or Tim Ferriss. When you read books by those authors, you feel like you get to know the author.

Writing a book is a way to build relationships at scale.

Now obviously publishing has changed dramatically in recent years thanks to the explosion in self-publishing.

That’s why I invited my guest, David Hancock, onto this podcast.

Hancock is the founder and head of a very unusual book publisher, Morgan James Publishing.

The boutique publisher is very innovative in the way they operate. They actually call themselves ‘The Entrepreneurial Publisher.’

They’ve published a number of NY Times bestsellers by authors like Brendon Burchard and Jeff Walker – two guys who come from the world of internet marketing.

In this interview, we cover:

  • How the self-publishing revolution has changed the traditional publishing world forever
  • What value traditional publishers provide to authors in today’s day when so many authors are flocking to the Amazon Kindle Platform
  • Why he says he’s a HUGE fan of Amazon even though the Kindle platform has made it easier to self-publish
  • interesting insight into the TWO audiences that you as an author need to sell a book concept to book buyers and the book consuming public, which are different in subtle ways.
  • Why you need to leverage a book to build a business by creating other products.
  • Why authors shouldn’t focus just on selling a book, but should focus on the message, the purpose and the passion behind the book.
  • What you should do with 95% of your communications to the world as an author or a communicator.

Hancock also corrects me on why authors should not be giving away a free chapter of their books on their websites something I’ve always thought was a good idea.

If you’re thinking about writing a book in the future, if you’ve written a book, or if you enjoy reading books like I do, then you do not want to miss this episode.

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