041: JV Crum III of ConsciousMillionaire.com | How to Grow Your Business and Make a Difference

JV Crum III, Conscious Millionaire, ConsciousMillionaire.com, entrepreneur
Imagine your family business is failing.

You’ve just graduated from college and you’re about to embark on your career. That’s when your father calls and says he needs you to step in and help rescue the family business… or else it’s going under.

That’s what happened to JV Crum III. He had no intention of running his family’s trucking line business. But he had to step in and help his father turn around the business, or risk losing it entirely.

It turns out JV was able to turn the business around, make it highly profitable, and become a millionaire all while still in his 20s.

Not bad for a guy who had no intention of going into business at all.

Now, JV is a business coach, speaker and the author of Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference.

He shares his wisdom in this episode of the Smart Business Revolution podcast on how you can grow your business by focusing on being more of a conscious entrepreneur and business owner.



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