015: Michelle Roby | How to Set up a New Life Coaching Business [Video + Podcast]

smart business revolution podcast, entrepreneurship, small business, entrepreneurMichelle Roby was born and raised Down Under. Now she’s in the Golden State.

After a lifetime in Australia, Michelle married a U.S. citizen and they decided to settle down in California.

Michelle is a life coach by trade, but she is just getting her new business set up in her new home state and country. That is often easier said than done. Recently I met with Michelle and gave her advice about how to get her business up and running.

Michelle was gracious enough to allow me to record it so that others could benefit from the tips. Although we talk about how to set up a life coaching business, I think a lot of the advice and tips are applicable to other types of businesses.

Of course, before you rush out and start a new flower stand, coffee shop, or some other business, I’d recommend you get good legal advice to make sure you are doing everything correctly and in a way that will protect you.

Michelle Roby, life coaching, life coachIn our conversation, Michelle and I discussed:

  • the pro’s and con’s of using a sole proprietorship vs. setting up a LLC
  • how to get a business license
  • trademarking her business name
  • how to file a DBA (aka a “fictitious business statement”)
  • using independent contractors

You know, basically everything a new business owner needs to think about when they are just starting out.

You can either watch the video below or listen to the podcast. Enjoy!

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