011: Antonio Centeno of Real Men Real Style and A Tailored Suit| How to Start and Grow a Men’s Style Business

smart business revolution podcast, entrepreneurship, small business, entrepreneurAntonio Centeno makes a big first impression.

When I first met him at the New Media Expo this past January, he was easily the best dressed man in the room.

Once I got to know Antonio, I saw why he was such a passionate advocate for encouraging other men to dress themselves in a stylish and sharp manner.

In spite of modern day appearances, he actually comes from a very humble upbringing.

Growing up in a trailer park in west Texas, he saw others who allowed fate to control them, rather than taking control of their own destinies.

He saw adults who toiled away at menial labor or factory jobs where the hours were long and the pay little.

He came to realize that dressing sharp didn’t just mean spending more money on material things. It meant creating the confidence to realize a better life – to the tune of over $230,000 more in income over the course of a career.

Antonio Centeno, Real men Real Style, A Tailored Suit, Marines, Tony CentenoToday, Antonio takes everything he learned about men’s style and shares it freely through tremendously popular and helpful YouTube videos, his Real Men Real Style blog, and as men’s style expert for the Art of Manliness.

Antonio doesn’t just talk the talk about men’s fashion. He walks the walk.

And of course, he dresses the part.

In this interview, Antonio and I discussed:

  • the mistakes he made when starting his first business – including the $10,000 website that didn’t work.
  • the importance of practice in becoming an expert
  • why you should be willing to do something yourself before you issue orders to others.
  • the importance of being a disciplined entrepreneur.
  • why you should use the customer’s money to fund your business.
  • how becoming an entrepreneur has meant greater freedom for him.

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