009: Hollis Carter and Jonny Andrews Of Perfect Publishing System | How They Reinvent the Publishing Business

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Hollis Carter and Jonny Andrews

I’m kind of fascinated by entrepreneurs who create businesses that are truly ground-breaking.

Apparently others are too, because the blog post I wrote about “8 Entrepreneurs Who Identified A Common Pain & Invented a New Business Category” has received a ton of traffic and has been retweeted and shared a number of times.

One of the entrepreneurs I mentioned in that post was Hollis Carter.

Along with his business partner Jonny Andrews, Hollis is working on tearing down the old world publishing model.

Hollis and Jonny created an online community focused on training others how to publish — and sell — books on the Amazon Kindle store.

After training hundreds of aspiring authors, they created Velocity House Publishing Partners, which is a new model of publishing company that partners with authors and helps them sell books on the Amazon Kindle store.

In a nutshell, Velocity works with either wannabe authors who have a following already (think professional speakers or celebrities in their industry), helps them to craft the book (ghost writing it if necessary), then tests and tests again the book’s title, subtitle and even the cover to ensure the book will sell well.

In other words, they leave little up to chance. They know for certain once they upload the book to Amazon’s Kindle Store, it will sell. And sell well.

How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit From Publishing

An interesting change is happening thanks to the relative ease with which anyone can publish a book.

Books continue to convey an aura of expertise. If you’ve written a book on a particular topic, you are considered an expert. That can lead to interviews, speaking engagements, and more sales of whatever it is you sold before you wrote a book.

Because almost anyone can publish a book on the Amazon Kindle platform, that means anyone can become an expert.

That creates opportunities for entrepreneurial folk. Not only are their opportunities for additional revenue, but publishing a book on Amazon Kindle can create a subsidized form of lead generation. Hollis and Jonny get into explaining all of this in the interview.

In this Podcast episode, we discuss:

  • How authors can split-test titles and cover artwork so that they know it will sell well on the Amazon Kindle Store, before it is even uploaded.
  • How experts can use Amazon Kindle books to gain a reputation as a thought leader.
  • The importance of systematizing all of your company procedures so you can scale up your operations.
  • How to make your business work for you so you have free time to indulge in your interests.
  • How traditional publishing had been reacting to the new world of publishing (here’s a hint – they aren’t too happy about it).


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